The most beautiful bridal hairstyle accessories

The wedding hairstyle is far from an unimportant detail on a bride-to-be’s checklist! We want it to be as beautiful and unforgettable as the wedding dress, and for that, hairstyle accessories are our best allies.

For traditional brides, wedding hairstyle accessories are inspired by the veil, giving it a modern edge. You can also take Pageant Crown form here.

Alternative to the veil: the openwork veil with a touch of retro has made a big comeback in recent seasons … Updated, it is now generally integrated into a headband or headband, in short, it lives with the times!

Speaking of the headband , this one comes to accessorize and bring a precious or romantic touch to traditional bridal updos. Like a jewel, its materials vary: pearls, rhinestones, flowers, chains, there is still a glamorous touch to wear on D-Day.

Finally, it is difficult to ignore the flower crown for a bucolic-inspired wedding. We choose it discreet so as not to distract from the bouquet, in white flowers, or in metallic golden flowers, again like a jewel!

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