Stardew Valley Wiki Tips: 20 Common Mistakes New Players Make in Stardew Valley

As the saying goes, there are different ways to kill a cat but when it comes to learning I think there is only one way. This is through experience. Most of us have been talking about experience being the best teacher but how do you gain this experience. I believe it will be through mistakes. Making mistakes isn’t a bad thing; mistakes are there to make us learn so that next time we don’t repeat them hence becoming better at what we do.

Stardew Valley Wiki Tips: 20 Common Mistakes New Players Make

Well, as with every new person in any new place, they are bound to make mistakes and it is through these mistakes that they get to learn. But then how would you feel if I tell you that you can be able to do something completely new without making any mistakes? Like a small cheat to help you sail off smoothly. If you are a Stardew Valley player and you are new to it, you might have just landed at the right place. Below is a Stardew Valley wiki guide on 20 common mistakes that new players often make in the game. Avoiding them might just save you from frustrations when they come back to haunt you later.

  • Not feeding your animals

Perhaps this might be one of the biggest common mistakes we usually do. We often forget feed the animals while focusing on other things. Another reason why people often forget about the animals is that feeder there, maybe you might be thinking it’s just something else thus having no idea what to do with it. Feeding your animals will always improve your relationship with them.

  • Thinking there are 30 days in a season

Another mistake often made by players. Don’t be mistaken, there are only 28 days in a Stardew Valley season. Make sure that you plant crops that can transition to the next season otherwise they will weather and die when the season is over.

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  • Not starting on the bundles soon enough

It is always advisable that you start on the bundles immediately when you get the chance to access them. Some players often take longer to start on the bundle which is not a good thing. Some items which are required to complete the bundles usually appears maybe once a season and if you miss them, you will have to wait for a whole year for you to find them again.

  • Ignoring the worms sticking out of the ground

Many of us might always think that these worms are just some game design and then ignoring them. Never ignore the worms, try using your hoe on the worm tiles and see you might just be surprised by the things you find. You need to think of these worms as some markers that indicate where some items are. Don’t just pass them, try digging them out and see what items you will find.

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  • Forgetting to socialize with people around

This is an important part of the game, you need to socialize in order to earn friendship points. All you have to do is simply talking to people; from your neighbors to people you meet on the road. This way, you can also learn about their favorite things hence you won’t be having any problems wondering what their favorite gifts are.

  • Forgetting to watch TV

This is pretty much like the bundles. You should not forget to watch your television. The television usually has four channels and one of these channels is all about cooking. From the cooking channel, you can get to learn about different recipes. If you fail to watch it, you will have to wait until the next year when the channel reruns again.

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  • Using the shipping box as storage

LOL! This is a bit funny. Actually many people happen to be doing this a lot including me. Please note that this is not a chest and whatever goes inside it is usually sold at night. When the items are already sold, you cannot reclaim them back. Use an actual chest for your storage purposes.

  • Getting more than the required items to finish your bundles

You should not be wasting your time collecting more items than the ones required to finish the bundle. You need to be keen on what your bundle asks of you. Sometimes the bundle might not need all the items there. Only go for what is required.

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  • The gypsy lady

Well, most of the time, the gypsy ladies are not to be trusted right? The case is different in Stardew Valley. The gypsy lady usually carries some of the most valuable goods you might need and not engaging her will see you miss out on finding some of the rare goods she has.

  • Selling excess jewels

There are some people who would go around just selling every jewel they find after making the first donation to the museum. Please try not to be selling everything. These things are more valuable to some villagers as gifts. Well, they don’t sell for quite a lot anyway.

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  • Over fencing

When you over fence your land, you will be forced to use pathways which you have built yourself. Too much of this will make you earn some bonus fail points for not using the natural terrain.

  • Focusing on selling the artifacts

This is also a mistake we usually make when we start off. We tend to focus more on selling the artifacts than to donate them to the museum. Donating some of these items to the museum might turn out to be more profitable than just selling them.

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  • Ignoring the help wanted posters

Many new players will usually see these posters but will choose to ignore them. If you are one of these players, then you have been making a mistake. Offering your help to the people asking them can always earn you some friendship points. Well, unless this is not important to you.

  • Forgetting to check your energy level

Since you are new to this, you just want to start running around and looking for things to do. A lot of new players would often forget about this hence they will use almost all their energy on the first day. It is not always recommendable to use almost all your energy. This might cost you a lot.

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  • Busting every stone in the mines

Well, you went to the mine to work, it’s okay but you are not supposed to be wasting all your energy and time on it. Work smart by motoring through the stones until you reach the floor where you can get valuable items.

  • Forgetting to unequip tools

Almost everyone makes this mistake. Using a tool always use up your energy. Many of us always forget to unequip the tool we are using when not doing the work. For instance when talking to other people. This helps in saving your energy.

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  • Throwing away excess resources

Most players would often start to throw away the extra resources when they are full or when they think they already have enough. Things like stones and wood should be kept since they can always allow you to build the required number of houses later or using them for any other thing.

  • Chatting with almost everyone

It is true you need to socialize but not with almost everyone in Stardew Valley. Most of the new players would always get excited about the whole socializing thing until they get consumed by it, forgetting other important things to do. This will always waste your time and energy which you could have used in doing something better.

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  • Staying up past midnight

Don’t even think about trying it. Most new players always do this mistake anyway. Staying up past midnight will make you drain all your energy and you might even pass out. When you pass out, regardless of where you are, a doctor will always come to find you and take you home. However, this is not going to be for free, he will need to charge you. The next day, you also be having less energy, which is also not a good thing because you need to work.

  • Forgetting to upgrade your backpack

You remember when we talked about throwing away excess items? This might come as a result of running out of space to keep them. Upgrading your backpack will always ensure that you have enough space for keeping the items you collect.

There are many mistakes that players often make while playing this game. Mistakes might come as a result of ignorance while others are just genuine but all in all, making mistakes helps us to learn and become better. The list above shows only the most common mistakes we often make while playing. You can visit the Stardew Valley wiki tips page to know more about the game.

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