Stardew Valley Wiki Guide: Things you should not do in your first year

Have you ever heard of the saying, “no one is perfect”? I bet you have. Well, if at all there would be a chance that people can become perfect then we might as well say goodbye to mistakes. But without mistakes, how would we be learning? I believe we all came into this world with zero knowledge and it is through learning that we get to know a few things about ourselves and also the environment around us. When you first came to this world, everything was new to you including your environment and I think that’s why babies cry. This might be because they have been pulled out of their comfort zone and brought to a completely new place where they are not used to. All am trying to say is that no one really knows how to deal with new things but with proper guides on how to go about them, you might as well get yourself to become almost perfect at it. With that being said, the following is a Stardew Valley wiki guide on the things that you shouldn’t be doing in your first year when playing Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Wiki Guide- Things you should not do

12 things you should not be doing in your first year in Stardew Valley

  • Don’t sell all the seeds from the trees

While in the game, you might not realize the benefits of having seeds but they can for sure come in handy. Well, they are not a waste of energy rather; they are a source of energy. You should not be selling all your seeds, you might use them later to produce new trees or you can use them to craft “filed snacks”. This is a recipe that can be used as a source of energy to the character you are using.

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  • Don’t purchase the chicken coop

When you first get the chance to buy the chicken coop, it is recommended that you don’t buy it. This is simply because they cost a lot of money which you could have used to buy something like the silo first. Remember the chicken also needs a lot of resources and food too.

  • Don’t speed-run during spring

During this season, it is advisable that you focus more on the community center. The center always will require you to provide some spring forage items and also some spring crops. When you miss this because you were busy focusing on the wrong things, you will have to wait for a whole year for you to try your luck again.

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  • Don’t sell every item

Most of us usually get too excited and would often start by trying to earn some quick cash. Well, having the money is good but don’t just sell every item you have found or even made yourself. A time will come when you might need them so it’s always wise if you could keep a few of them just in case they are needed.

  • Don’t cut all the grass

If I were you, I wouldn’t take out all the grass on my farm. You need to be a little bit more resourceful during your first year in Stardew Valley. Everything that can help you grow your farm should be taken into consideration. Grass can be used as free food to some farm animals. This can only happen if you become wise enough to keep saving some in the silo and making hey out of them to feed your animals.

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  • Don’t start crafting sprinklers yet

It is often not seen as a good idea to start crafting sprinklers this early. As I said before, you need to be resourceful. Look for everything you can find and try saving them for later. Crafting sprinklers also requires a lot of resources, iron, and gold, which can sometimes become difficult to find. It is better if you start watering your plants manually then go for the sprinklers later.

  • Don’t mine on a bad luck day

Just as the name suggests, it’s a “bad luck” day. We all know that your day isn’t going to end on a good note when you’ve been having a bad luck all day right? Mining on a bad luck day is just like a waste of time and you will also not find whatever you came for. Try going to the mines on your good luck day and find out what happens.

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  • Don’t sell the ancient seed artifact

This is one of the toughest things to find in Stardew Valley. You can be lucky to find it in the mines or from the artifacts worms. You can take the ancient seed and trade it in the museum for a recipe, an ancient fruit. Probably also known as the most valuable crop in Stardew Valley. Selling it wouldn’t be such a good idea because it can take you quite some time to finally find one again.

  • Don’t waste your money on cheap seeds

As you can see, the seeds are cheap; you can’t expect to get anything of value out of cheap things right? I guess so. Crops grown from cheap seeds won’t bring you any good profits. You should try and focus on the most profitable crops like cauliflower which will bring you some good income. You can visit the Stardew Valley wiki crop’s page to know more about the crops

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  • Don’t join the evil side dojo

However, interesting this might sound to be, don’t fall for it. Joining the evil side dojo will not bring you any good, in fact; it will only ruin your experience. You need to focus on finishing up the community center since it is much rewarding and profitable to you.

  • Don’t buy fertilizers for all your crops

Let’s be honest here, even if you buy fertilizers for all of your crops, you won’t get much profit as expected. Why waste all that cash and resources on something that you can also make by yourself. Buying speed grow or fertilizers for your crops is not a bad thing but at least use them on the multi-harvest crops like the green beans. This will ensure that you maximize your profits when it comes to crops.

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  • Don’t get married

Don’t rush yourself into marriage yet. Even though you might be required to, I think this should come in the later stages of the game. Marrying in your first year in Stardew Valley doesn’t bring you much profit.

This is just a guide to help you with your game. Actually following it and avoiding the things mentioned above, you might be able to avoid some setbacks that might come to you when you do them. Do you remember the mods? I believe you first played the game without them then found out about them later right? This is just the same thing, maybe like a cheat list. But hey, the choice is yours, you can play how you like, I mean rules were made to be broken right? The choice is yours. You can play while putting these in mind or you can choose to become an explorer and dive deep into the game and find out what awaits you inside that entire fan. Oh and if you are hearing mods for the first time too, you can check that out on Stardew Valley wiki mods page. Enjoy.


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