Stardew Valley Wiki Guide for Beginners

Stardew Valley Game Introduction

Have you ever been on a farm? Have you wondered where do our foods come from? Many of us people buy vegetables and meat from a grocery store, and these grocery stores provide a staggering amount of these foods to us. Well, thanks to these grocery stores for the ease, but we should be thanking more the farmers that provide these foods. You’ll never understand a farmer’s life until you tried becoming one, and you can become one by playing Stardew Valley. Stardew Valley is an awesome game, and this Stardew Valley wiki guide will help you learn and understand everything about Stardew Valley, and farming itself.

Stardew Valley Wiki Guide

Stardew Valley is a role-playing game that lets you simulate a life of a farmer. You will be taking the role of a certain character who inherited an entire farm from his grandfather. Grandpa’s farm sounds big time, right? Well, sadly it’s a no. This farm is actually a big messed one. It’s more like a ruin, so if you imagine some nice view with rice fields soaked in mud, then you are mistaken since you will be seeing mud field only with no rice at the start. Well, I’m not sure if this is good news, but apart from mud, you’ll also see some wild weeds, trees, boulders and stamps which you will need to clean up just like what real farmers do.

Feeling the challenge already? That’s the real good news here. Just like any other game, Stardew Valley is a very fun and challenging game for all ages. You will learn a lot about how farming life works, and you will realize how much does it take to feed millions of people. The game might become a bit confusing for a beginner who only knows how to eat but no idea how his foods are being cultivated, but this Stardew Valley Wikipedia guide will help you get through the challenges this game can offer.

Stardew Valley Wiki Guide Overview

At the start of the game, you will be given the chance to create your own character. You can name your character, choose its gender, edit its physical appearance, and you can even give a name for your farm. After creating your character, you will be directed to a scene wherein you got fired from your work and at the same time receive a letter from your grandfather pertaining the inheritance of his farm. So here you are, jobless but just got something to inherit from your grandfather. So obviously what’s next is to check out for the farm which will be shown in the next game scenes. After the game scenes, your game will autosave then you will wake up from your bed with these few equipment:

  • Television – You can use this to watch and know about the weather forecast, watch some fortune telling stuffs, and check out some newbie guides that you can do after leaving your house.
  • Axe – Use to clear logs.
  • Hoe – Use to borrow the soil.
  • Watering Can – Use to water seeds/plants you planted.
  • Pickaxe – Use to clear boulders.
  • Scythe – Use to clear grass and weeds.
  • Parsnip Seeds (pick it up from your floor) – Use to grow parsnips.

You can also check out your character menu wherein you can check out your skills, the people you’re going to meet up in your game journey, the map, your crafting menu, collections, and a general options tab.

After checking these stuffs, you can now go out of your house and start exploring some things that you can initially do. You can clear and clean your farm using the equipment that you have, and you can start planting the parsnip seeds you just obtained from inside your house. So, have you gotten the farmer feeling now after reading this overview? Well, just continue reading this Stardew Valley wiki guide will about to show you a guide to what’s the best thing that you can do on your first day in this game.

What Needs to Be Done on My First Day in Stardew Valley

An important matter that you will need to take note about while you are playing is the time. Just like a real farmer, you will need to take note of your time and maximize the use of your energy and make the most of it. You can check the time at the upper right corner of the screen, and you can check your energy level at the right side. The time in this game is being updated with 10 mins for every 10 secs. This means that every 10 secs are equivalent to 10 mins in the game. So, if you were thinking that you can spend 8 hours exploring the game, then you are wrong. So, here are some few important things that you will need to do to maximize your first day in the game.

First, is to watch TV. As said earlier, this TV can give you hints about the game, and you will get different ones every morning of the game. Another is to work, be sure to clear your farm from boulders, grasses, and logs so you could start planting and watering it. It takes time to plant, so you must start doing it as soon as you can. After work, you can now start exploring the city. Since there’s nothing much to do on your farm, for now, exploring the city is the next best idea to do. You can start talking to your neighbors to update your social profile and explore some establishments such as the salon, store, and others. Make sure to check out the time and your energy levels while doing these tasks. You can go back home when its night time to sleep. Your progress will autosave when you sleep.

Stardew Valley Wiki Tips You Should Never Miss!

A part of this Stardew Valley guide are some important tips that you need to know to progress better on this game. These tips will help you build your farm, help you earn money, and will help you maximize your time in the game.

First is to watch TV every single day. As said earlier, watching TV will provide you a lot of hints about the game, and will also provide you weather forecasts that affect your farming. Next is to learn about planting in segments. When you plant, make sure that it is at least 3×3 in segments or more. This will enable you to water your plants even if it is already ripe. With this, the plants will keep growing into huge vegetables which sells more to the buyer. Don’t forget as well to shake trees whenever you encounter some. Trees will drop seeds, and what’s great is that the trees will drop hazelnuts when you shake them within the first 2 weeks of autumn.

Want more money? Then this Stardew Valley Wikia will shock you! So, here’s how it works. Strawberries are the most expensive fruit during the spring, and there is this Egg Festival on the 13th wherein you can buy strawberries. Buy a lot of strawberries and plant it at night after you purchase it. To save time, you can prepare the soil for planting before going to the festival, so all you need to do when you’re back is to plant the seeds. You can start harvesting these strawberries at the near end of spring, and you will harvest twice the number of which you planted.

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Another great tip is to take note of the stars which represents the quality of your harvest. No star means it has the least quality, then followed by a silver star, a gold star, and lastly an iridium star which represents a harvest with the best quality. Also, feed your animal flocks always. Though animals don’t die in this game, if you stop feeding them, they will stop producing products as well. This would mean less income for you.

The grass you cleaned with the scythe can also be recycled as how for your animals, so make sure to clean your farm more often. Cutting trees more often is also good, you can get fertilizers from cutting trees which will help your plants to have a better quality.

In case you have forgotten to do something, you can also refresh the day by reloading the game. Your game only saves when you sleep, so if you think you have missed something in the morning, just simply reload the game so you can attend to that activity you missed.

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You must also take note of the weather. Though it can be bad during rainy days, try checking out the beach after raining. There will be some items that you can obtain from the beach after raining, so make sure to take note of that!

Lastly, seeds are cheaper at Pierre’s store. So, before you buy seeds from Jojamart mall, make sure to check out Pierre’s store first if the seeds you are looking for is available.

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Stardew Valley Wiki – Leah and Marriage

Leah is one of the 12 women in the game that you can marry, but Leah is probably the best of them all in my opinion. Leah lives in a small place outside the town of Pelican. You will need to gain 2 hearts of friendship from her so she would let you come in on her place. So, as what most stalkers do, we need to know Leah’s schedule so we can start talking to her and gain her heart. Leah normally wakes up at 10 am and sleeps at 12 midnight. Her normal day-to-day schedule includes drawing, sculpting, and visiting Pierre’s store. She also visits the beach during summer, goes to the Stardrop Saloon at 5:30 pm during the rainy days of Spring, and visits Harvey’s clinic during the 16th day of Spring at 12 noon.

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Stardew Valley Wiki – Fish and Fishing

Another great feature of Stardew Valley is fishing, and here are some Stardew Valley fishing tips that might be useful for you. For your information, fishing is a wide feature in this game. You will spend a lot of time if you want to improve your fishing, but understanding fishing is what really matters after all. At first, you will only have a bamboo pole as your fishing rod. As the minigame progresses, you will gain some levels on your fishing which will grant you some skills. You can unlock new rods which you can buy as you level up your fishing, and be able to use bait and tackle to get better types of fish. Also, take note that you can as well fish in swamps and lava, not just in water.

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Stardew Valley Wiki – Community Center

Stardew Valley is a game with many features that will enable you to enjoy it for a long time. A lot has been shared already about its features, but one of the best among these features is the Community Center. You can locate it at the northern part of Pelican Town. It’s one huge building to check out on the 6th day wherein a cutscene will be shown to you during this day. During this day (6th), the information about the building will be explained to you and you will be able to unlock it as well on that same day for you to explore. On the 7th day, you will receive a mail about the community center. You must talk to the wizard on the wizard tower at the southwest part of your farm, then you will be able to read a scroll. After reading the scroll, a cutscene will pop out and you will be granted the ability to read Junimo’s text. This Junimo’s text will enable you to unlock quests from the Community Center which you can complete to unlock the Greenhouse.

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This Stardew Valley wiki guide aims to guide beginners in this game. What’s written here are some basic but very essential tips and hints that players must know and understand before starting the game. This wiki guide is highly recommended for those players who want to make the most of their experience in this game and to save time from doing things that are less productive. Take note, you’ll be simulating here as a farmer, but you will need to think both as a farmer and a businessman. Use wit as always and never hesitate to explore!

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