Stardew Valley Walleye Wiki Guide

At this age and time if you don’t like gaming then something must be seriously wrong with you. We have been blessed to have lived during this time where we have a lot of talented people in different niches and in technology we have the game developers. Well, through these developers, we are privileged to have some of the best role playing games in the gaming to keep us entertained and giving us much fun whenever we are bored or just want to pass some time. One of these games is stardew valley, which is a great fantasy role playing game for the PC. For those who have gotten a chance to play this game will definitely know what am talking about. Anyway, all that aside, let us look at a specific part of this wonderful game and today we are going to discuss the stardew valley walleye fish.

Stardew Valley Walleye Wiki Guide

What is the stardew valley walleye?

If you are seeing something for the first time, it’s only natural for us to ask what it is right? However, from our introduction above am sure you have a rough idea of what the walleye is. Anyway, a walleye is simply a fish that can be caught in the afternoon and during the night, this is only in the game so don’t be pressurizing your dad or your big bro to take you fishing in the afternoon so that you can catch a walleye lol!

In the game, you can find this walleye fish in the forest pond, the lake, and the river during the fall season when it’s raining. You can also find this fish in the garbage can during the winter and the fall. This sounds a little bit weird though. If you are totally new to this, and you don’t know where to find the river, the lake or the pond, you can always use the map feature which can be accessed by pressing the “M” key on your keyboard. When you access the amp and use your cursor to hover around a certain area, you will get a brief description of what the place is. However, other parts will be marked by question marks though until they get explored by the player.


When playing stardew valley, you must have realized that as you continue to play, there are other things you will need to do in order for the community center to be complete. We call them bundles. To complete these bundles, you will need to collect some items purposefully for these missions and the walleye fish is not an exception. The walleye fish is a requirement to finish up the night fishing bundle in the fish tank. Apart from the walleye, you will also need a bream and an eel for the bundle to be complete. The reward for completing this bundle is usually the small glow ring.

Can’t catch a walleye?

Now, this is where the problem usually comes in. well, I understand it is human nature to make mistakes but is it also human nature to make mistakes even when you can get information somewhere on what to do? The game’s official page also indicates that the walleye fish can be caught in the river, the lake, and the forest pond during the fall. It can also be found in the garbage can during the winter and the fall. Do you note the difference? During the winter the fish can be found in the garbage can not in the lake or the pond or the river. Some players would often go fishing for almost two hours in the lake looking for the walleye fish during the winter. You can spend all the time you want there but with no luck. Others will only spend three minutes in the same lake during fall and leave with a great catch. The trick here is simple. Just be keen when reading information. Anyway, I guess this is where the saying comes in though “not everyone is perfect”.

Stardew valley walleye ID

Well, for those looking for the walleye ID, let me put your worries to rest by giving you an ID guide for the items needed for the fish tank and also the characters. In other words, it is a simple list of item codes that can be used with the name cheats. For you to be able to spawn the items, you will need to name your character with 1-3 of the below-listed values each of which should be surrounded by brackets. By doing that, one or more of the items will be generated whenever your name is called within the game. Also, you can be able to do this when naming any animal that you are buying but this will only work once.

  • River fish bundle

Sunfish -145

Catfish -143

Shad – 706

Tiger trout – 699

  • Lake fish bundle

Largemouth bass -136

Carp -142

Bullhead -700

Sturgeon -698

  • Ocean fish bundle

Sardine -131

Tuna -130

Red snapper -150

Tilapia -701

  • Night fish bundle

Walleye – 140

Bream – 132

Eel -148

  • Crab pot bundle

Lobster -715

Crayfish -716

Crab -717

Cockle -718

Mussel -719

Shrimp -720

Snail -721

Periwinkle -722

Oyster -723

Clam -372

  • Specialty fish bundle

Puffer fish -128

Ghost fish -156

Sandfish -164

Wood skip -734

With all these IDs, you can now produce the items with a little bit of ease. Well, that might sound a bit technical but just as we said before, through technology, we get to have unlimited fun and entertainment.

If you just take some time off and at least try running this game, you will definitely know why stardew valley is regarded as one of the best multilayer RPG games. Even when you go through most RPG game reviews, if stardew valley is not on that list, then just know it is not legit. Anyway, back to our fish friend, you should be keen when reading the information provided on the game’s official page and see to it that you don’t miss a word. This will determine whether you will have to spend the two hours or the three minutes in the lake trying to catch the stardew valley walleye. I hope this helps have fun.

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