Stardew Valley Starfruit Farming

Stardew Valley Starfruit is basically a crop that is grown in the Stardew valley. Well, this is a simple game full of adventures and explorations and every stage of this game, just like any other game, has an objective to be achieved. For better understanding, think of it as a firming simulator. Stardew Valley also happens to be the name of the region where everything takes place in hence the name of the game. In this region, you will find a farm and a variety of villagers, all is required of you is to try and make this place your new home where your farming, socializing and business skills will be tested. You will also need to explore the area and learn many things including the secrets of the valley too.

Stardew Valley Starfruit

One of the crops you can grow in stardew valley is a star fruit. A starfruit usually is a juicy fruit that can be grown in hot or humid weather conditions and has a slightly sweet with a sour undertone. This is why a stardew starfruit crop is usually grown during the summer from the starfruit seeds and usually takes 13 days to mature and be ready for harvesting. The stardew valley starfruit also produces some great artisan goods which when sold can be highly profitable to you since they also have a great sell value in the game. You can also sell the stardew starfruit through the shipping container for No star you get 800g, for silver you get 1000g and for gold, you will get 1200g each. Anyway, we now know how to get the Stardew starfruit but then how do we get the stardew valley starfruit seeds to plant for us to get the starfruit.

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Where you can get the Stardew valley starfruit seeds

In the game, you can buy the starfruit stardew seeds at the oasis which is a small store that is situated in the desert and is being operated by Sandy who is a villager in the valley. You can always get these seeds only at the store and not anywhere else in the game. This store also has some items which can be bought from other shops but at a reduced price sometimes. The stardew valley starfruit seeds can also be occasionally bought from the traveling cart which is also a shop that only appears for two days in a week that is on Fridays and Sundays. The traveling cart can be found in the south of the farm in Cindersap Forest. Another place where you can get the seeds is at the museum which is located at the south east corner of the pelican town. The museum is run by another villager called Gunther. You can only get the seeds from Gunther after you donate to him 15 unique minerals. These minerals can be found in the mines or in the skull Cavern. You can also obtain the starfruit stardew seeds by using the seed maker which is a piece of refining equipment that produces seeds from a crop already harvested or from one of the four foraged items.

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Uses of a Starfruit in the game

For you to get maximum results, make sure you follow the instructions and do everything correctly. For instance till the soil carefully and plant your stardew starfruit seeds then water your farm daily. All these should be done during the summer only. It is important that you do everything as required since you will need the starfruit to do a couple of things later in the game. For instance, you will need the starfruit to build a Junimo hut. A Junimo hut is a simple type of building that you will need to purchase at the Wizard’s tower, from the wizard after you finish the Goblin problem quest. The Junimos are the people who live on your farm and are always ready to harvest the mature crops around the hut or on the farm. You will also need the starfruit for Kent who is also another villager living in Pelican town. He will request the Starfruit by mail on the 15th of summer in the “A Soldier’s Star” Quest to give his wife for their anniversary. Upon giving the starfruit you will also be rewarded.

Stardew Valley Starfruit

For you as a player to triple the value of your starfruit, you might want to engage in keg business. You can produce drinks by using the keg. For instance, you can make a star fruit wine in the stardew valley in just about six days and since the keg is an artisan equipment, it can also be used to make artisan goods. One of these artisan goods is the wine. After your starfruit plants are fully grown and mature, you can harvest them and sell them or take them to the keg and turn them into wine. You can later use the star fruit wine as a gift which can be received or accepted at the feast of the Winter Star.

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When it comes to wine selling, you will realize that the selling price of the wine greatly depends on the type of fruit that was used to make it. The star fruit wine in the stardew valley can also cause a tipsy buff when consumed thus decreasing the speed of a player by 1. The healing effect of wine is the same, and it doesn’t matter what type of fruit was used to make it. This, therefore, means that wine should be taken with a lot of concern and moderation. If you would like a different quality of the wine, you can also use a cask. A cask is simply some equipment usually used in the cellar to age products like cheese and wine. The cask can make your wine to age from the normal quality to silver quality to gold quality and eventually to the iridium quality. When your wine reaches the iridium quality, its base sell price will certainly double.

Stardew Valley Starfruit 3

The stardew valley as a game has many things that make it interesting. When we talk about farming since it’s a farming simulator, many of us would think it’s only about the crops. No, it includes general farming; you also get to engage in social activities and many other things. All you need to do is just to find a way of earning some money to expand your farm. Stardew valley is a very simple game since you don’t need any technical knowledge to play it so look for the stardew valley, download it, install it and enjoy yourself.

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