Stardew Valley Skull Key and Rusty Key Guide for Beginners

Stardew Valley Skull Key and Rusty Key are special items a player can use to access levels/locations in Stardew Valley; specifically the Skull Cavern and The Sewer respectively. During the initial stages of playing, these locations are usually locked, and the only way to access is by unlocking the doors using the special key. Well if it is your first time to play Stardew Valley, you are going to find this discussion handy in knowing how to access these keys and exciting features in waiting for your enjoyment once you have unlocked the locations. You are going to get most interesting information from our Stardew Valley Guide.

How to obtain Stardew Skull Key and Rusty Key?

Stardew Valley Skull Key and Rusty Key Guide

Stardew Valley Skulls Key guide

As earlier mentioned, this is the only key that can be used to open the door leading to Skulls Cavern located in the Northwest of Calico Desert. This sounds interesting! Right? However, this may not be as easy as it may seem since the player has to strike a great deal of playing until he has reached the 120th level. This, therefore, means the player should be very particular about setting quests to realize this level.

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Whichever way you may plan to achieve this, resilience and patience should be the driving factor, for instance, you can set to play 12 to 15 levels in a day, that way, you will be able to achieve your quest to reach the 120th mine level and get the Skull Key in less than 10 days. The most important point you need to remember though during visits to the mines is to pack as much food as possible to get energy and health to stay alive.

In addition, always ensure the pickaxe is in the level of gold or is at its maximum before going into the mines located close to the Guild. On your right-hand side, stone deposits, use a full level pickaxe to break through them.

Skulls Cavern features – The number of floors here is infinite and the player can advance to the next floor or level by locating a ladder through digging rocks or fighting enemies until they are defeated. It is important to note that during the digging the player may come across a hole that can drop him to the lower levels thereby skipping floors; however, this comes with slight damage depending on fall depth that can cause the player to run out of energy and health. Well if you run out of energy and blackout and woke up in Harvey’s Clinic later in the day, you can part with some items or better still use your minerals to pay your medical bill. An important tip to remember while in this level is to bring with you the Galaxy Sword or Lava Katana that you can use to defeat strong enemies whose strength increase as you progress down the levels. Also worth not forgetting is that you can also use the Skeleton Key to play Junimo Kart in the Salon. This is located in the furthest right room close to the itinerary of the Prairie King.

Rusty Key guide – Stardew Valley Guide

How do we get to know about the key? Perhaps you could have played Stardew Valley so many times and never came across any info and you have been asking yourself how to unlock the door leading to the Sewer location. While playing, the first encounter about Rusty Key is from two best friends Vincent and Jas who will appear in a cutscene telling of its existence and where the key leads.

Before going any further with the discussion, it will be important to know who Gunther is as you’ll find him of handy to get the Rusty Key.

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So who is Gunther? Why is he Important?

who is GuntherGunter is a villager who lives in Pelican Town in charge of the Archeology Center and you will find him at the counter of the Museum operating during the opening hours i.e. 8.00AM to 6.00PM. He is going to appear as a cutscene asking you to donate artifacts and minerals since the Museum was robbed of its valuable collections. He is going to reward the player based on the number of minerals or artifacts donated. The rewards starting from the lowest at 5 to the highest at 95 for the items donated include Cauliflower Seeds, Mellon Seeds, Starfruit Seeds, and A Night on Eco-Hill, Jade Hills, L.g Futan Bear, Rarecrow, Bear Statue, Rusty Key and lastly Stardrop.

How to get the Rusty Key Stardew Valley? To get the Rusty Key, you will need to part with 60 donations to the Museum. As mentioned above, there are quite a number of items that you can exchange your donation for and could be very tempting. Well, it is worth considering doing the exchange with what you need most, otherwise, it would do be better to save every little item till they reach 60 to donate in exchange of Rusty Key.

Feature In The Sewer Stardew Valley

Sewer Stardew Valley

There are two ways to access The Sewer;

  • Cindersap Forest on the south and
  • Sewer cover situated in Pelican town still on the south

It is only in The Sewer where you’ll find Krobus’s Shop. Rare items sold here include;

  • Wicked statue and crystal floor recipes
  • Solar essence
  • Void essence
  • Star drop
  • Irindium Sprinkler sold on Fridays
  • One random item that will be sold in all days of the week except Friday.

Also in The Sewer is Mutant Bug Lair, an area in the sewer accessed when Dark Talisman sends the player to speak to Krobus. The player can use earned talisman to fight bugs and catch fish.

It is so exciting sometimes even addictive to play Stardew Valley. However, if it’s your first time you may miss all the fun in The Sewer and Skulls Cavern without Stardew Valley Skull Key and Rusty Key that you can use to unlock these locations. Now that it is mentioned, it will be worth discovering the real fun yourself by getting yourself a copy of Stardew Valley.

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