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Looking for some role playing game for your PC? Stardew valley has grown to be one of the best fantasy role playing game ever made in the gaming industry and this can be seen through the massive downloads it has received since it was first launched in to the market. The game gives you a great experience as you get to enjoy simulation of what really happens in the real world when it comes to farming. Well, when we talk about farming, don’t be mistaken to think the game only limits you to growing plants and keeping animals. There is a whole lot of fun as the game also includes other activities such as mining and among others. However, as it is with human tradition when you land in a new place for the first time, the first thing you will need to do is familiarize yourself with the local people and get to know them, what they do, they daily schedule or even what their favorite things are. For this reason, therefore, this article will focus on one of the stardew valley villager and that is Sebastian. This is a stardew valley wiki guide on Sebastian.

Stardew Valley Sebastian

Who is Sebastian?

Sebastian is one of the villagers in stardew valley. To be precise, he lives north of pelican town just in the mountains. Sebastian is also among the 12 characters in the game that are available for marriage. Sebastian doesn’t own a home; he only lives in his mother’s carpenter’s shop basement. The tables below show Sebastian’s daily routine.

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Sebastian’s daily schedule

Spring: Sunday- Wednesday

9:00 AMIn his bed.
10:30 AMLeaves the bed and go to his computer.
3:00 PMLeaves the computer and goes to the kitchen.
3:40 PMGoes back to his room from the kitchen.
4:10 PMGoes back to his computer again.
6:30 PMLeaves the house and walks to the lake to smoke.
7:30 PMSmoking by the lake which is next to his house.
9:30 PMDone with smoking and goes back to his house.

 Thursday 11th and 25th (when not good friends with Abigail)

9:00 AMIn his bed.
10:00 AMLeaves the bed and moves to the computer.
12:00 PMIn his room standing just by the couch.
5:30 PMLeaves his room to go to the kitchen.
6:30 PMOn his computer.
9:30 PMGoes to bed.

Thursday (2nd year onwards)

9:00 AMIn his bed.
10:30 AMLeaves the bed and moves to his computer.
2:00 PMLeaves home to go smoke by the train station.
3:00 PMSmoking by the train station.
6:20 PMStanding in the east of the train station just by the tunnel.
8:10 PMStanding west of the train station by the tunnel.
9:30 PMHeads back home.
10:20 PMReaches home.


9:00 AMIn his bed.
10:30 AMLeaves the bed and goes to his computer.
3:00 PMLeaves the room to go at the salon to play pool with Sam.
5:20 PMAt the salon playing pool with Sam.
9:10 PMHeads back home.
11:10 PMReaches home.


9:00 AMLeaves his house to go to Sam’s house.
11:30AMIn front of Emily and Haley’s house with Sam.
12:30 PMFollows Sam to his room.
1:00 PMIn Sam’s room.
6:00 PMLeaves Sam’s house and goes to the river with Sam.
6:20 PMBoth smokes by the river outside Sam’s house.
7:30 PMLeaves for home.
9:40 PMReaches home.

Rainy Day (Option 1)

9:00 AMIn his bed
10:30 AMLeaves the bed and get out to go to the beach.
1:30 PMStanding at the end of long pier to the left of the fish shop.
5:00 PMLeaves the pier and heads home.
7:40 PMReaches home and goes to bed.

Rainy Day (Option 2)

9:00 AMIn his bed.
10:30 AMLeaves his bed and moves to his computer.
3:00 PMLeaves house to go to the saloon.
5:20 PMStanding by the red sofa in arcade at the stardrop saloon.
9:10 PMHeads home.
11:10 PMArrives home.

 Egg hunt festival

9:00 AMIn his bed
10:00 AMStanding outside Sam’s house until 2:00 AM.

Summer time

During summer, his schedule is just the same as during the spring as he does almost the same things each day except for Thursday and Thursday 4th which are shown below.

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Time Location
9:00 AMIn his bed
10:20 AMLeaves the bed and moves to his computer
2:00 PMLeaves home
3:00 PMReaches the RR crossing sign
6:00 PMMoves to the east RR tunnel
7:30 PMMoves to the west RR tunnel
9:30 PMLeaves for home
10:20 PMReaches home

 Thursday 4th

9:00 AMIn his room by the bookcase
10:00 AMLeaves house to go to the clinic
11:50 AMIn the clinic’s waiting room
1:40 PMIn the clinic’s examination room
4:00 PMHeads home
6:00 PMReaches home and goes to bed

 During Fall

During fall, Sebastian tends to leave his room more often than he did during the spring. He also tends to do almost the same things each day just like in summer and spring. Tables below show Sebastian’s schedule during the fall when he gets to do something different.

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Monday – Wednesday

9:00 AMIn his bed
10:30 AmLeaves the bed and moves to his computer.
12:30 PMLeaves the house and walks to the lake which is next to his house and doesn’t return home until after 2:00 Am.


Time Location
9:00 AMIn his bed
10:30 AMLeaves the bed and goes to his computer
12:00 PMLeaves home and walks to the lake next to his house
1:00 PMStanding by the lake next to his house
2:00 AMStill standing by the lake


During winter, Sebastian’s schedule remains the same except for Thursday and Friday and Saturday as shown below.


10:30 AMWakes up and move to his computer
2:00 PMLeaves home for the railroad north of his house to smoke
6:00 PMStands at the east tunnel of the railroad
7:30 PMStands on the west tunnel of the railroad
9:30 PMLeaves for home


10:30 AMWakes up and move to his computer
3:00 PMLeaves home and goes to the stardrop saloon ad hangs out with Sam at the pool table
9:00 PMLeaves the saloon for home


Time Location
9:00 AMWakes up and goes to Sam’s house where they meet outside the house
12:30 PMBoth of them goes inside Sam’s house and hung out in Sam’s room
6:00 PMBoth of them leaves the house and stand by the lake outside Sam’s house while Sebastian smokes
7:30 PMSebastian leaves Sam’s house for home
9:50 PMReaches home.


Sebastian also has a schedule or a routine to which he follows on Friday and Monday after getting married.

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6:00 AMAt home
9:00 AMLeaves home for the beach
11:00 AMStanding at the end of the long pier to the left of the fish shop
3:00 PMLeaves to go to the stardrop saloon
4:30 PMArrives at the saloon and plays pool with Sam
9:30 PMLeaves to go home
10:50 PMReaches home


6:00 AMAt home
8:40 AMLeaves to go to the mountain
9:30 AMWalks through the town square
10:30 AMReaches his old spot at the mountain lake
12:30 PMLeaves to go visit Robin
5:20 PMLeaves the mountain for home
7:20 PMReaches home.


Sebastian stays with his mum Robin and his step-dad Demetrius. He also has a step-sister called Maru whom sometimes he calls Sebby. Sam is Sebastian’s best friend as they can be spotted together on several occasions. In the game, it is always hinted that Sebastian might be having a crush on Abigail. It is always advised that you get Sebastian to two or more hearts when you get the chance since it can be difficult to find him as his spends most of his time in his room.

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In a week, you can give Sebastian up to two gifts, including his birthday which occurs in 10th of winter. The gifts you give to him will always determine his friendship level with you. Gifts given during his birthday usually have 8 times effect and will often show some unique dialogue depending on how he receives them.

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The heart events

Two hearts

Enter his room where you will find him working on his computer.

Four hearts

Go to the mountains and you will find him working on a motorcycle in the garage. This should happen between 11 am and 5 pm.

Six hearts

Again, you will need to find him in his room where he will ask you to play the “Solorian chronicles” game with him.

Eight hearts

For you to get the eight hearts, you will need to go to the beach between 12 pm and 11 pm on a rainy day.

Ten hearts

Find him by going to the mountain between 8 pm and 12 am where you will find him standing outside his house and is about to go for a ride with his motorcycle and takes you with him.

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For this, you will have to use a Mermaid’s Pendant and give t to Sebastian to symbolize the beginning of your engagement and marriage. This will come as a surprise to him and will prepare and set everything for the ceremony which will happen in 3 days.


Once Sebastian is married, you will notice two behaviors from him.

  • Taking care of some duties for you like watering the crops and feeding the animals.
  • Sebastian will also give you gifts occasionally in the morning. However, you won’t be able to receive these gifts if your inventory is full.

Sebastian will also give you a beer on the 28th of winter to celebrate the New Year.

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Sebastian will sometimes request for an item randomly at the “Help wanted” board that is outside Pierre’s shop. When you bring the item to him, you will be rewarded 3 times the item base value and 150 friendship points.

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Favorite quotes

Sebastian also has some favorite quotes including;

  • “What are you doing in here? I could’ve been naked”, when the doctor visits him
  • “When you showed up in town, I never thought I’d be marrying you some day.” When he gets engaged.

Do you feel like you know Sebastian now? Well, this is Sebastian for you. Stardew valley is among the best strategy rpg games available online and you can download it and play for free. It is also rated among the best multiplayer rpg games available. Find it, download it and play it to get a chance of knowing stardew valley’s Sebastian even better.

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