Stardew Valley Leah Guide to be Couples – Stardew Valley Guide and Tips

If you have been playing Stardew Valley for a while now, you must have been introduced to Stardew Valley Leah as among the 12 NPCs that are available for marriage. Perhaps you could be looking for her all over Stardew Valley without success or have been gifting her, and you are yet to earn hearts in your social tab. If you are in love with Leah, this can be very heart breaking. Well, this will no longer be a problem anymore for we are going to discuss Leah Likes, dislikes, loves and hates that will enable you to increase friendship points and marry the love of your character. Hope you will like our Stardew Valley Guide.

Stardew Valley Leah

Basic Info on Leah

Leah is a young multi-talented artist who lives alone in Cindersap Forest outside PelicanTown in a small cottage. You are likely to find her in this cottage most of the times sculpting.

Despite the fact that she is very talented, Leah is very shy and lacks confidence in her beautiful art piece. Perhaps you may consider convincing her to boost her confidence to show her work. Her birthday will be on 23rd of Winter that happens to be on a Tuesday.

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Leah Relationship

To increase your best chances of befriending Leah, it is best to understand Leah’s relationship. Leah best friend is Eliot who is likely to be a competition given that he is poetic and very romantic. Moreover, she moved away from her ex-boyfriend’s city Kel to pursue her interest in art.

Leah Schedule

Stardew Valley Leah Cottage

The character is only allowed to Leah’s cottage
at 10.00 am after earning 2 hearts

If you have been having a difficult to find Leah, among Leah questions to ask is her schedule.

Leah is not an early riser, in fact, she gets out of bed at 10.00Am to start her artwork inside the cottage

After she’s done sculpting, she will go to the woods to draw. She also draws at the beach during summer

When it’s raining, the best place to search for Leah is the Stardrop Salon at around half past five in the evening.

List of Must Know Leah Gifts to Woo Her to Marriage

If you are interested being friends and later marry Stardew Valley Leah NPCs, you will do yourself a big favor going through Leah guide first in order to know gifts she loves and hates. Gifting her what she loves at least twice a week and during her birthday will see you earn more points. In addition, if you have firsthand information about what she hates, you will save yourself the harm of losing friendship with her.

Leah’s List of Love Gifts

If you love cooking, you can easily lure Leah to marriage fast because Stardew Leah love gifts are entirely foods and wine. Leah’s love gifts consists of the following;

  1. Goat Cheese – this type of gift is made using goat’s milk as the main ingredient and later compressed by Cheese Press Artisan Equipment for about 3 hours.
  2. Poppy Seed Muffin – this is one of Leah’s favorite cooked meal that can be made in the kitchen located in upgraded farmhouse or better still received as a gift during the Winter Star Festival.
  3. Salad – Just like the Poppy Seed Muffin, this one can also be prepared from the upgraded kitchen in the farmhouse or bought for 220 grams mineral in the Stardrop Salon.
  4. Stir Fry – is also a cooked food prepared from kale, common mushroom, cave carrot and oil ingredient, it can also be bought for 335g mineral
  5. Truffle – this is one of foraged food with high health value in starter valley that can also be bought for 625g
  6. Vegetable Medley – is a highly nutritious vegetable that can either be cooked in the farmhouse using tomatoes and beet as key ingredient or bought for 120g

What does Leah Likes in Stardew Valley?

Leah has a long list of likes. These include the following;

  • Winter Root – This is a tuber rich in starch
  • Spring Onion – This is a type of onion foraged during spring
  • Wild Horseradish – Is a type of spice foraged for its roots
  • Purple Mushroom – Is a unique type of mushroom that is very rare and can only be foraged through mining
  • Snow Yam – As its name suggest, this yam can only be found under the snow during Winter
  • Morel – This item is liked because of its nutty flavor
  • Leek – Looks like onion obtained from foraging during spring although Evelyn claims to have also found leek in the mountains
  • Hazel nut – This gift item can be foraged during Fall
  • Holly – This plant can be found in all places in Stardew Valley during Winter
  • Dandelion – Can serve as an ingredient for preparing salad or flower although not very pretty Drift wood – Is a wood regarded as trash although treasure by Leah for her art work
  • Daffodil – Is a traditional flower that blossoms during spring
  • Chanterelle – This foraged item smells fruity and is flavored with pepper
  • Common mushroom This gift can be foraged in all over stardew valley during The Fall Season

Leah’s Neutral Gifts

Leah appears to be a choosy woman and therefore not advisable to gift her neutral gift unless you have run out of minerals to get her what she loves.

Leah neutral gifts include the following;

  • Rainbow shell
  • Coral
  • Nautilus Shell
  • Clam
  • Wheat
  • Hops
  • Wool
  • Sweet Gem Berry
  • Duck Feather

Leah Dislikes

Leah has a long list of dislikes that include the following;

  • Seaweed
  • Survival burger
  • Tortilla
  • Pink Cake
  • Fried egg
  • Pink cream
  • Rice pudding
  • Carp surprise
  • Cookie
  • Universal dislikes apart from spring onion, driftwood, and void egg
  • Universal dislikes apart from earth crystals
  • All gems minerals apart from prismatic shard and diamond

Leah’s Most Hated Gifts – Stardew Valley Guide

Perhaps you are not going well along with Leah because you have been gifting her what’s she abhor with a lot of passion. At no moment should you ever gift her the following gifts if you want to be friends with her and later propose to her.

  • Bread
  • Void egg
  • Pancakes
  • Hashbrowns
  • Pizza
  • All items in Universal hates apart from seaweed

Leah behavior

Most common behavior that is going to come out once you have married Leah include:

  • She will assist in the farm to water crops, fence and feed animals
  • She rewards you a surprise plant then she goes ahead to tell you that she planted it.
  • She gifts you Stardrop for falling in love in you
  • She will not get up early in bed to make you breakfast since she is not an early riser
  • She will be taking a walk in the area around the valley all Mondays.

Leah Marriage

If you were to be engaged to Leah, you must reward her with Mermaid Pendants that can be bought for 5,000g from the Old Mariner during all season apart from winter.

Captioned image showing must have Mermaid Pendant gift to marry Leah

Hearts Events

  1. Two heart – Leah talks about sculpting with the character and remarks that true nature begins to show when one’s the outer layer is removed. Asking for a kiss at this level will not only cost you 150 points but also kicks and punches from her.
  2. Four hearts – The Character finds Leah on phone arguing with her ex-partner Kel about going back to the City she left. Telling her that she did a mistake to care about her feelings at the expense of her ex-boyfriend and that she should never have left the city will cost you 20 points friendship reduction.
  3. Six hearts 1 – Leah pays you a visit at the farmhouse between six in the morning and half past eleven mid mornings and rewards the character with a curving named after him.
  4. Six hearts 2 –The scene is Cindersap forest where the character lift Leah up on the tree to get a fruit.
  5. Eight hearts – Here, Leah invites the character to her art event in Pelican Town. The character should be in the town between three and five in the evening. She goes ahead to display her artwork and is happy to see your presence. Moreover, at some point she thanks you for giving her the idea and motivation to come up with the event. Leah, Robin, Gus, Demetrius, and Lewis applaud her work.
  6. Ten Hearts – Leah thanks the character for helping her believe in her dreams and kisses him. Kel interrupts the love in the air where it later emerges that Kel was secretly buying Leah’s work in order to convince her to return to the city. At this point, you should remain calm not to punch Kel because Leah will judge you as violent.

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Dialogue – Stardew Valley Tips

  • Marriage – There is a long list of marriage dialogue that you may consider looking at Stardew Valley Wiki Leah, for example, she says that she thinks the child she is going to have will take the character’s nose
  • Raining – when it’s raining, she is going to say that it is in moments like these she is happy for having heavy duty boots
  • At the winter star festival– she will be thankful for farming lifestyle

If you love sculpturing and cooking, Leah will be a good partner you will find easy to marry. This is because most gifts the loves are entirely foods. However, you should ensure you have earned two hearts in the character’s social tab to be able to enter her cottage.

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