Stardew Valley Favorite Thing with Stardew Valley Guide

What is your Stardew Valley favorite thing? If by any chance you have gotten an opportunity to play this game, you might have realized that it is an engaging open-minded game that would more often require the players to accomplish some objectives non-linearly. In the stardew valley guide, getting started is quite simple. When you first arrive it the valley, you will notice that there are a lot of ways and activities in which you can engage yourself in, for you to earn some income. When I talk of income, it doesn’t necessarily mean the money which most of us are used to. Stardew Valley uses gold as their primary currency. This should not be confused with gold bars or gold ores. As mentioned before, there are many ways in which you can earn your income in stardew valley; this includes fishing, mining, farming, foraging, combating, cooking, crafting, giving gifts, restoring the community center and also completing some quests.

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Stardew Valley Favorite Thing

When you advance later in the game, there is someplace where the phrase “Favorite Thing” will be referenced. Actually, this happens when the player eats a fruit known as the stardrop. A stardrop as described from wiki is a special item that will permanently increase your maximum energy by 34 points. The fruit is said to be so mysterious that when you eat it, the flavor is mind-blowing. You will get to feel some powerful personal experience which might be difficult to explain to others. When these stardrops are used, there are two possible texts that may be displayed or appear to the player. Both will be referring to the players’ favorite thing which you had earlier set when the game was starting. Immediately after taking the fruit, this text will show up “it’s strange, but the taste reminds you of (favorite thing)” or this text “your mind is filled with thoughts of (favorite thing)”.

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As said before, during the beginning of the game, you will be prompted to enter your favorite thing. When you enter ConcernApe as your favorite thing when creating a character, you will have another additional text showing up when you eat a stardrop. There is also something else. When you enter anything that has the word “Stardew” as your favorite thing, this text will show up “you feel an unwavering connection to the valley itself” when you consume the stardrop even though it seems to appear a bit buggy.

Stardew Valley character creation – Stardew Valley Guide

In Stardew Valley when you are getting started, you will need to make some adjustments or settings in your game before proceeding. One of these adjustments is the character customization. When the screen for the Stardew Valley character customization shows up, you will see many options available hence you will be able to create your character according to your likeness. These options range from character gender, appearance, farm name, the character’s name, your stardew favorite thing and animal preference. From the options, you will notice that there are 2 genders, 32 hairstyles, 24 skin tones, 112 shirts, 20 accessories and 2 animals that you may be able to choose from. There are also some sliders that you will find next to the eye color, pants color, and hair color. These sliders represent the hue, saturation, and value of the colors. For the animal preference, it helps in determining which animal will arrive later at the farm. You may not always be pleased with everything you did during the beginning of the game and due to this; you might want to change something later in the game. Well, the game also gives you an opportunity to change your character appearance later in the game for only 500g. This can be done in the wizard’s tower only after you reach 4 hearts of friendship with the wizard.

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When you are getting started in the stardew valley, there are also some secrets that you might want to know at least to make your experience more fascinating. When the game starts, the ConcernedApe logo will appear on your screen. When you click on this logo when the screen is loading, the glasses will disappear, and the eyes will also open. You will also be able to hear a duck or a splat sound. Also on the title menu of the game “STARDEW VALLEY”, try clicking 10 times the letter “E” in “STARDEW” and you will see some alien-like creature opening a door behind the letter. This creature will smile at you then wave for about two seconds before it slowly fades away. Still, when you look at the title menu of the game, you will notice some leaves hanging around. When you also click at any of these leaves for a total of 10 clicks, three Junimos will appear in the logo and wave too.

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Still while getting started, you will be required to choose a farm map. You will have five different farm maps at your disposal to choose from. Each one of these maps will offer you some unique benefits as they also favor some specific skills. You must be very keen and sure about the selection of the maps since the decision you will make is final. This means that after you have selected a farm map, it cannot be changed later. The characters that you have customized will also be tied to that particular farm map once you have created them. These farm maps are usually the same when it comes to space or the area that they occupy. The only thing that is different about them is the amount of usable land on each of them. The five farm maps include the standard farm, the forest farm, the Hill-top farm, the River land farm and the Wilderness farm.

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Just like any other game, when you are getting started with Stardew Valley, you will also need to learn about the controls. At first, they might seem to be challenging or a bit difficult to use but with time you will surely learn how to use them and navigate through the farm. When are still having troubles with the original controls, you can try and customize them however you like them just like. You should also know that all the hotkeys can be changed and this is done by opening the menu and choosing the options tab. With all these in place, you can sit back and enjoy your game.

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