Stardew Valley Farming Guide with Farming Skill, Points, and Crops

If you’re living in Stardew Valley, it will be no surprise for you to learn that farming is quite a necessary activity around this area.  The reason behind that is the massive potential this work hold regarding income. So if you are seeking to make money farming is a very fruitful option. What is most interesting about it is that the most you will have to put in are give water your plants. Once you have done that you just sit back and wait on what it brings to you in return. The Stardew Valley farming guide is your ultimate manual to learn about all the farming hacks of this area. It includes the best timing to plant your crops and the amount of time you need to wait before they grow out fully. It also gives you some tips as to what measures you should take with changing seasons. Keep reading this Stardew Valley Guide.

Stardew Valley Farming Guide

Let’s know about the Farming Skill

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The Experience Points of Stardew Valley

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*For the reason of a bug with scythe harvesting, these crops are not given any experience points.

Ater sleeping the experience level is increased as below:

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Crops in Stardew Valley Farm

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Become a skilled and experienced farmer by Stardew Valley Farming Guide

While you’re doing your regular job which is crop harvesting in Stardew Valley and other such stuff you are gaining something very valuable, and that is the experience of farming. It is what will take you on to become a skilled farmer one day. The rule here is simple, although you start with some basic plantation the more difficult crops you harvest, the more you will learn and they more you will gain in the longer run. These crops might be a little slower, but they are a plus point for your experience. Just to make it easier to understand you can divide your farming skills into different levels. For instance, if you learn how to build a scarecrow and how to utilize some basic fertilizers you can say that you have unlocked your first level. With every step ahead you will keep on achieving new levels. The difficulty level will increase in the process. Your fourth level might be learning how to make jars of jam to preserve the harvest. It is more complex than making scarecrows, but it is also more valuable.

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Stardew Valley guide to start your farm

So there are some basics you need to learn before you start your very own farm. Some starting tools and apparatuses would be required which includes a watering can, a hoe and some seeds. Now what you need to do is that you need make some rows which are three blocks wide then you need to plant the seeds. After you’ve done that by using the tilled ground for them you then go ahead and water them. In case you have run short of water you can just refill it from the pond using the watering can. You need to stand in the middle and water around nine blocks then move ahead and repeat the same process. You will have to continue this till they are all watered. It goes without saying that you will have to water the plants regularly if you want them to grow properly.

What to do with changing seasons – Stardew Valley Tips

You must clear a misconception that you can plant whatever you desire at any time you want. It is not the case. It is the part that depends on what is the time of the year that you are planning to plant something and whether it is the right season to plan it or not. So let’s learn some basics on what to plant and when to plant it. The first thing to know is that each season lasts for twenty-eight days. So let us assume that you plan to plant some potatoes on the twenty-third. It is a disastrous plan. You are only giving them six days to grow whereas they require seven days. It means they will mature a day after the season has already changed. It will cause them to die, and you will lose all that you have invested in them. It shows how important planting the right crop at the right time is. A pro tip here would be to plant those plants that grow only once if you are planting them at the last moment. Those grow repeatedly are profitable if planted a little early on.

Ideas on How You Can Improve Stardew Valley Farm

Your ultimate goal is to have a successfully running farm. To achieve that you should take whatever you earn from your very first batch and instead of spending it on your luxury invest it into more seeds.  It will be your investment which will bring you returns and multiply the money for you. Other than that if you are looking for something else to do in your free time you can utilize that time by clearing some areas of your farm. Make a scarecrow for the protection of your crops and even build some sheds. It will help you a lot in the entire farming process.

You can easily earn your money by taking your crops to the store and selling them there. Another way to earn some money overnight is to put the crops in your bin. Whatever you have put into that will be sold by the next morning. As you keep investing your money into your farm for its betterment and growth, you will keep growing regarding the size of your farm. With this happening, you will have to upgrade your tools and other things. You will need to replace the simple watering can with a proper irrigation system and the low priced seeds be replaced with better seeds of high quality which give more expensive fruit. You can also focus all your energy on one crop now since growing one expensive crop is better than growing a bunch of less valuable crops.

The most important part is that as the season comes to an end, you must save so that you are easily able to buy seeds for the next season.

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