Stardew Valley Fair Festival Wiki Guide

The Stardew Valley Fair takes place on Tuesday the 16th of fall each year. You can catch this occasion by entering the pelican town between 9 am and 3 pm. When the ceremony is over, you will be taken back to your farmhouse at around 10 pm. Before the event, you will have received two emails. The first one will be sent to you one week before the day of the ceremony to notify you about the event. The second email will be sent to you a day prior to the event just to remind you about the occasion and also to remind you that you will need to bring your items with you. On this day, pelican town will remain inaccessible until 9 am. Houses and shops will also remain closed before the festival. During the event, you can be able to participate in some games where you can be awarded star tokens. These tokens usually work as a currency which can then be exchanged for prizes at the shop locate near the entrance to the bus stop. 9,999 is the maximum number of tokens that a person can hold.

stardew valley fair festival

It is also very important to note that only one of each item can be purchased from the shop each year. This means that the maximum number of tokens that you can use is 3,400 or 1,400 if you have already purchased the stardrop. The shop will then be fully stoked again the next year but with the exception of the stardrop which might only be bought once.

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You can also participate in the grange display contest where you will be required to showcase some of your farm products to earn some star tokens. When you will be ready to have your products judged, you will need to talk to Mayor Lewis. Your displayed items might then be picked up after the display but won’t be automatically returned in to your inventory. They can also get lost if you leave them behind in the grange display.

Wow, this is even interesting. There are also survival burgers in stardew valley, thanks to Gus, who can be found north of the fair just by the fountain cooking them. When you eat these burgers, your energy will be refilled but you won’t be able to see this until you leave the festival. The stardew valley fair festival will usually end when you exit Pelican town.

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Attractions during the Fair

  • Fishing minigame
  • Slingshot minigame
  • Smashing stone
  • Token seller
  • Clairvoyant booth
  • Spinning the fair wheel

The Grange Display

For you to be able to take part in the grange display and showcase your abilities, you will be required to bring up to 9 items. Your position in this contest will depend on the Mayor’s judgment which will be based on the quality and diversity of your items. When this is done, you will then be awarded the star tokens according to the position achieved. The table below shows the positions available, their rewards and the points required to finish in these positions.

PlacePrize (star tokens)Points required
First place100090
Disqualified7500 (include mayor Lewis’s shorts)
Second place50075
Third place20060
Fourth place50Less than 60

Note that games can still be played at the fair even after the grange display is done.

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In the fair, only eight categories of items are recognized. These eight categories are; Artisan goods, animal products, minerals, cooking, fruits, foraging, vegetables and fish. Each of these categories that is represented in the display will earn you 5 points up to a maximum of 30 points. This implies that you will have to fill six of these categories to maximize your score.


As I had mentioned before, the points awarded for each item will always depend on its value and quality. Note that the value we are talking about is the sell-to-vendor value and not the base value. For instance, an item with a base value of 200g at gold quality will go to 300g. This means that it will get points for being at 300g and being sold quality. Table below shows item values and their qualities. Professional bonuses are however not included in the calculations even though they also affect the price.

Item ValueNo starSilver star Gold starIridium Star

If we assume that nine items worth eight points each are submitted and that these items represent at least six unique categories, theoretically the highest score that you can obtain is 125. However getting this score is currently not possible. This is mainly because there are eight categories and six unique categories have to be used and there are only items with value of 8 points in four of the categories. These four categories are Foraging, animals, artisan and fruits. This implies that you will also need to use two items with a value of less than 8 points to complete the requirement of using items from six unique categories in your grange display.

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The items with the highest value in the fish category are iridium quality clams iridium quality cockles with 7 points each. In the vegetable category, the highest value item is iridium quality fiddlehead fern also with 7 points. This is why the highest score that can be obtained in grange display is 123. It is also advisable that when the judging is done and the display is over, remember to recollect the items from the table. This is simply because they will not be automatically returned.

If this game doesn’t bring you any excitement and fun, then I don’t know what will. Stardew valley is known to be one of the best multiplayer rpg games and if you think this is a lie, you can go ahead and best rpg game reviews. I wouldn’t like to talk much about it as this stardew valley guide was meant to give you some insights and make you develop some appetite for the game. With that being said I think it’s your turn now to do the remaining part which is simply to look for this game, download it and play it. Enjoy your stardew valley fair festival.

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