Stardew Valley Egg Festival – Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Guide

The Stardew Valley Egg Festival is one of the unique and most awaited events of the whole spring season. As the spring season marches towards its half the people of Stardew Valley becomes more and more excited to celebrate the Egg Festival. It is one of its kind some may even say that.

The mayor of the Pelican town will send you an invitation to the Egg Festival of Stardew Valley. The player can check their email as a message will be available on the 12th of spring. Moreover, the mayor will encourage you to take part in the yearly Stardew Valley Egg Hunt. Egg Hunt is a mini game of epic proportion.

Stardew Valley Egg Festival

The Egg Festival of Stardew Valley takes places on the 13th of spring. It will begin in the morning at 9:00 AM and will last throughout the afternoon. Around 2:00 PM it will mark its end. The player will not be able to enter in Pelican town to participate in the Egg Festival Stardew for the first three hours. So it is advised and guided to attend other daily chores before entering in the Egg Festival of Stardew Valley.

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In addition, the player can work on his farm, water your crops, take care of the animals, build tools and craft various items. If you have not chalked out anything for the day, you should make sure to work on anything.

The Egg festival has plenty to see and work for. The townsmen will be eager to talk you about the vivid and colored festival. There are two main points to be watched for. Firstly, make sure that you have a deal with Pierre. As he will be standing near the road of the player’s farm. He will be selling Strawberry seeds and a Stardew Valley Plush bunny. The strawberry seeds are charged at 100 gold and plush bunny costs 2000 gold. So the player should save up as much gold as possible to buy an ample amount of Strawberry seeds.

stardew valley egg festival

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Furthermore, the strawberry seeds of the Egg Festival event are of great value. The player is informed to plant them as soon as possible. After the event, you have a little time to cultivate them. As these strawberry seeds can be harvested twice in the spring season to get a huge chunk of profit. On the other hand, the Stardew Valley Plush bunny is a great decorative piece. It sets as a reminder to the player of Egg Festival of Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Egg Festival Guide

The Egg Hunt is the cherry on the cake. It is a kind of an Easter Egg Hunter excluding the real-life national holiday. Egg Hunt is a mini game in which the player and the other comrades are assigned to find as many eggs as possible. These eggs are spread out in the whole Pelican town. The Egg Hunt has a tight time limit of 51 seconds. So the player should be efficient in their search. You must discover at least nine eggs or more, otherwise, Abigail will win it. Here are the following places where a player can catch as many eggs as possible.

Here are the following places where a player can catch as many eggs as possible:

  • One egg is located near Harvey’s Clinic
  • Another egg is placed near Pierre’s shop stand. Player must save this egg for last as it takes a lot to get
  • One Egg is situated beside a big tree to the western side of the Egg Festival main ground
  • An egg is placed near the trash can on the eastern 1 River Road
  • In the northern side of the main festival ground behind a big bush near Demetrius and Harvey
  • One is to be found near a large tree to the left of the main Egg Festival near Sebastian
  • Another is located the southern 2 Willow Lane on the right alley
  • One egg is placed near the top right corner of the 1 Willow Lane on the South side
  • In the South Eastern side of the main egg festival ground located a bench near the bushes
  • Make sure to check out the right most bush of the graveyard on the Northern side of the map
  • One Egg is located behind the center tombstone of the graveyard
  • Another egg is located behind a south side tree in the graveyard
  • You can also find an egg on the western side of the graveyard
  • One egg is situated in the backyard of the Mayor Lewis’s Manor in south eastern side of the map
  • Another egg is placed on the back side of Mayor Lewis’s truck also located on the southeast side
  • One egg is positioned by the entrance to the sewer near the River bank
  • Lastly, one egg is located on the banks near the sewer from down side to the right

The player should be able to procure at least nice or more eggs during the Egg Hunt of Stardew Valley. If you able to do so, you will win the event and given a straw hat as an exciting reward. The straw hat is given to the first year winner, but if you win the contest second time you will be award 1000 gold instead of the straw hat.

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Lewis, the mayor of the Pelican town will give you the winning price at the Stardew Valley Egg Hunt. This will spot the end of the Egg Hunt of the Stardew Egg Festival. After that, the player will be sent to his farm around the time of 10:00 PM. The player can plant the strawberry seeds that he brought from Pierre’s shop.

In the end, this festival is a great way to interact with other non-player characters. This event rejuvenates and energizes the people of Pelican Town. It breaks the chain of the daily hustle of the townsmen and gives them time to relax and get comfortable. The player can also learn a great deal of other non-playing characters.

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