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The Stardew Valley Community Center is one of most vital and unique site to visit. It paves a vital role in the progress of your character. You have to complete various quest bundles to make progress. Each bundle will give you different rewards starting from gold, experience or any other important item piece which can be useful in the journey. Here is complete Stardew Valley wiki Community Center for you to follow. Keep reading our Stardew Valley Wiki Guide.

Stardew Valley Community Center

The Stardew Community Center is located on the northern side of Pierre’s general store. Once you have found the building you need to activate the Community Center bundles. To do this, you have to start a cut scene with Lewis. Here are certain directions which are needed to trigger the cut scene. You must enter in the Pelican town on the 5th spring from the bus stop side. Make sure the weather is sunny when you start your advancement. The time duration is from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm. If you miss this window of opportunity, then the cut sequence will not initiate. Moreover, if you choose any other direction, time or day will result in failure.

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During the cut scene with Lewis, he will tell you about the mysterious Junimos. These are little green forest spirit which has taken shelter in the out of order Community Center. They can in and out depending on their will. There will be a glowing poster with something strange written on it. If you try to read it, the poster writing will make no sense. Furthermore, a wizard will appear throwing more light about these Junimos. He will give you a letter and magic potion, which is required to activate the Community Center bundles. You will consume the magic potion which the wizard gave you. After that, you will return to the Community Center and able to read the poster writing. You will come to the knowledge that bundles are a form of offering to the Junimos.

On the other hand, the Community Center can be transformed into Joja Warehouse. You can buy a membership from Morris at Joja Mart it will change the Community Center and will unlock all quests which can now be obtained by paying gold instead of bundles. You can follow any of the above cases towards Stardew Valley unlock Community Center.

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Community Center bundles are of utmost importance. Junimos will accept them and offer you various rewards upon completion of a bundle quest. Additionally, when you have completed all the bundles of a particular room, the Junimos will give you a unique reward. This unique reward can sometimes give benefits to the entire community of Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Community Center 1

Completing the Community Center

There are many interesting events which will happen when you complete various bundles or quests in the Stardew Valley. Moreover, when you have completed all the bundles from the Community Center, a special event is going to take place. When the very last bundle is finished, the player can enter the town square at any time to start the event. The whole town will be there to celebrate your achievement. They will be cheering, encouraging and heartening for you.

After that, the people of Pelican city will take you to the Community Center where you will be joined by Mayor Lewis. He will congratulate you. The mayor will also tell you how much he and the whole town is joyful for the goodwill that you have brought to the Pelican town. He will award you the Stardew Hero Trophy and will wish you good luck so that you can continue the good work.

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During the celebration, Morris the owner of Joja Mart will appear. He will be angry as all his customers have vacated his shop. He will ask them to return immediately so that he can do his business. During all this hustle, Pierre will step in to counter Morris and will interact with him. He will tell him, how does he feel and ask Morris to step away from making any disturbance. You can either increase the intensity of the situation or you can quench the fight once and for all. The player has two choices to follow.

  • “Let’s be reasonable.”
  • “Let’s settle this the old-fashioned way.”

If the player chooses “Let’s be reasonable” then the following is going to happen. Morris will announce that he will be having a huge sale which will attract all his lost customers. Moreover, he is going to make a fun of the event that the people of Pelican Town have arranged for you. After that Pierre is going to step in. He will tell Morris that he is wrong and request everyone to group together so that they can listen what he wants to say. Pierre will start from the beginning when he and his family first entered in the beautify Pelican Town. He will tell the people how the whole town is connected and how he enjoyed being part of it. The people of Pelican Town formed an everlasting bond of friendship and trust. Moreover, the Community Center played a vital role make it possible. It has brought the people closer to each other. Whereas, the Joja Mart has just made things cumbersome for everyone. Pierre will request everyone to reject Joja Mart and endorse to a new beginning which the player has brought.

This action will result in total defeat for Morris and his claims. As everyone will be boycotting Joja Mart and will be agreeing with Pierre. Morris will be in a state of shock. He will realize that both his business and reputation are ruined. He will get out from the Community Center in total disarray. The Joja Mart will go out of business and vacate the town as the screen goes into darkness.

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On the other hand, if the player chooses “Let’s settle this the old-fashioned way” then follow series of events will take place. Morris will be blowing his own horn and start bragging about the giant sale he will be having. All his lost customers will be back to the Joja Mart and he will be back again on top in no time. However, Pierre will step in and challenge Morris. He will say that Morris will not be getting away this time and they both are going to settle the feud once and for all. Morris will ask by what means they are going to settle? Pierre is going to make a threat and will begin to fight Morris. Morris will be making fun of Pierre’s futile attempt to make a threat and start to walk away. This will make Pierre furious and he will be going to start a counter attack on all the Joja Mart employees. Pierre will say that they all are coward and cannot defend their honor. This insult will make Morris furious and return to fight Pierre for making such remarks about his employees.

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Morris and Pierre will exchange blow with each other. They will continue to insult each other. Out of the blue, Pierre will land a hard punch to Morris. This punch is so strong that Morris will break through the ceiling of Community Center Stardew Valley. Exhausted Pierre will be rejuvenated from his victory. He will smile and make a stylish pose with his sunglasses on. Mayor Lewis and Robin both will be surprised by the fight.

No matter what option you choose the resulting outcome will be same. Joja Mart will be deserted and derelict. Pierre’s General Store will stay open all the time and will not be closed on Wednesdays. After that people will return to the daily chores, and you will return to farming.

Here are few interesting aspects related to Community Center:

  • If a player can complete each and every bundle in Community center, then the whole area will be transformed, and various new improvements are done. The Junimos will leave resulting in JoJo Mart will go out of business, and you will be given Stardew Hero Trophy.
  • Moreover, when all the bundles are finished the Pierre’s General Store will remain open 24/7.
  • If there is a festival day, then cut scene where you are given the Hero Trophy of Stardew Valley will be postponed to the very next day.
  • The cut scenes where you get the trophy will not occur on the rainy days of the year.
  • If a player completes a bundle before the day he is going to get married, the Junimos will skip the bundle which says whatever can be unlocked is promised.
  • If a player completes two bundles in a day, then only the cut scene of the first bundle will be played. The cut scene of the second bundle will be played on the next day.
  • There is a possibility for the cut scene to take place on the 28th of the summer season when the Dance of Moonlight Jellies will take place.


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