Stardew Valley Abigail – Best Stardew Valley Tips

In Stardew Valley game, Abigail is one of the six female non-player characters (N.P.C) available to get married. During a player’s quest of rebuilding and rejuvenating his farm, he can interact with other characters. Stardew Valley Abigail can be the perfect dream girl for you. Her unique nature and vivid style are tough to match, but with proper guidance, you can win her heart. You have to take care of her liking, disliking and other small things to make a valiant effort. If you can manage that, Abigail Stardew Valley will get married during your stay at Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Abigail

Abigail Relationships

Abigail was born in the fall of 13 in Stardew Valley. Abigail lives at Pierre’s General Store situated in Pelican Town of Stardew Valley with her parents. Her father’s name is Pierre and her mother is Caroline. Her mother is very concerned about her Gothic style like coloring her hair blue. However, she is very loving and caring. Abigail has two good friends in Stardew Valley namely Sam and Sebastian. Sebastian is very close to Abigail and will ask her out to dance at Flower Dance if the player fails to ask her out.

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Hobbies of Abigail

Abigail is very fond of playing video games. She often plays flute near the river in the Stardew Valley mine. Abigail owns a pet guinea pig namely David Jr. Moreover, her guinea pig will move into your house when she becomes your bride. She has possession of a sword in her drawer. If someone tries to get that sword from the drawer, she becomes angry and will scold them to stay away.

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Abigail Schedule

To pursue Abigail, a player has to follow a certain schedule in Stardew Valley. Each passing season and day will affect her position. Furthermore, on rainy days she will not be available to certain places.

Firstly, for spring season she will be at home during Monday. At 9:00 AM she will depart her room and heads toward the kitchen. After that, she will abandon kitchen and will go to Pierre’s store at 10:00 AM where she will stand until 1:00 PM. From there she will leave for the bridge near Joja Mart. Abigail will remain there until 4:30 PM and then she will head towards home and will be playing video games until her boredom on 5:20 PM. At 7:30 PM she will go to bed to sleep. Such timetable is followed throughout the week.

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Secondly, during summer season Abigail has a different set of routines. During the weekdays, she will visit the library for books, Mona’s grave, get to carpenter’s shop, walks to wizard tower, play games at Star drop Saloon Arcade, wait at the train platform and finally in Pierre and Caroline room. Each visit is time stamped and she will move to next location.

Thirdly, when the fall season comes she will trip to the beach where she stands near the fish shop. Abigail will go to the museum to get books and play games in the arcade. She often visits he wizard tower and helps her parents in Pierre’s General Store.

Finally, in winter season such timeline is also followed as of previous seasons, but with few locations change.

Furthermore, during the raining days, there is a deviation in the plans. The rainfall will obstruct Abigail’s visit to various locations in the Stardew Valley.

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Gifts of Abigail

A player can give at most two gifts during a week and an additional one on Abigail’s birthday to get her affection. Depending upon the quality of the gift, Abigail either likes or dislikes the gift and will eventually affect your relationship.

For loved or liked one gift, Abigail will speak the following lines in response and will quote either” You remember my birthday? I’m impressed.” Or “Oh, is it my birthday today? I guess it is. Thanks. This is nice.” Abigail loves to have all universal love gifts but to really make a heart touching effort. Following is the list of things she will prefer in love gifts.

  • Amethyst is purple color quartz obtained by mining
  • Blackberry Cobbler which is made from blackberries, sugar and wheat mixture
  • Chocolate Cake which is prepared by adding sugar, wheat flour, and eggs to a mixture
  • Puffer fish is ideal if you caught it during fishing
  • Pumpkin is a great gift to Abigail on her birthday
  • Spicy Eel sure packs a punch and can be given to Abigail as a gift

In like gift category, Abigail will like all universal lie gifts. However, a quartz crystal which a player obtained from mining and forging to make it more clear. Abigail will reply the followings “Hey, how’d you know I was hungry? This looks delicious!”

On the other hand, Abigail will dislike all universal dislikes excluding Clay and Puffer fish, all eggs, all fruits and all vegetables (excluding Hops, Pumpkin, and wheat). Moreover, a few items should also be prohibited by players to give to the Abigail as a gift.

  • Sugar, which is available from the Mill and Pierre’s General Store.
  • Wild Horseradish, a spring root, can be made during foraging.

Here are few gifts on which Abigail will give a neutral response” You brought me a present? Thanks”

  • All type of milk and universal neutrals.
  • Common Mushroom which possesses a nutty texture during fall season
  • Chanterelle is a fruity peppery flavor comes up in foraging in fall season
  • Daffodil a conventional spring season flower is a valuable piece of gift.
  • Dandelion is good salad ingredient and can be given during the during season
  • Hazelnut and leeks are also a good choice fall and spring seasons.
  • Snow yam during the winter season is a good gift to Abigail.
  • Morel is grasped for its nutty flavor and can be given to Abigail.

Abigail hates few items and will reply by saying” What were you thinking? This is awful!” So they must avoid it in each and every circumstance. These are few things which she hates.

  • All universal hate goods excluding the sugar.
  • Clay which is used in construction
  • Holly which is winter decorative leaves attached to red berries.

Abigail Heart Events

Heart Event is specifically designed to get more affiliation of Abigail in Stardew Valley. Increasing the number of hearts will lead to more friendship points and will pave the way for marriage. Moreover, you must be vigilant of your responses during the event.

Firstly, to score two hearts you have to play a video game with Abigail in her room. Make sure you visit Pierre’s General Store except for Saturday. You will be playing Journey of the Prarie King on the console. Be super efficient and win the level with her. After that, Abigail will thank you and you will get two hearts.

Secondly, to procure four hearts the player has to visit the mountain afternoon until seven o’clock in any season except for winter during a rainfall. At there you will see Abigail will be playing her favorite tune from the flute. She would inquire what you are doing out in the rain? An appropriate response will make her invite you under the tree. You will play the harp and formed a duet with her.

Thirdly, to get six stars the player should walk into Pelican Town from either from forest or bus stop during 9:00 PM and 12:00 AM. Abigail will be in the graveyard refining her sword skills as she wanted to go on an adventurous journey. Pierre will come for taking back Abigail for dinner. Abigail will disobey and she will take you and you both will hide in bushes to have a friendly chat.

Fourthly, to get eight stars the player will receive a letter from signing Abby. You will reach her place. Abigail will show you, a spirit board and confess her feelings for you. After that, she will feel embarrassed from her actions and dash out of her room. Next day, she will apologize to you.

Lastly, to get 10 stars you will present Abigail a bouquet and enter the mines before midnight. Abigail will be terrified but after some comfort from your company will she will acknowledge you and confess her feelings.

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Marriage and Behavior

After the player proposes to Abigail, the wedding preparation will set in motion and every member of Pelican town will attend. The wedding will take place after three days and a miniature version of Abigail’s room will be placed on your farm. In the backyard, she will go and practice her flute. After marriage, Abigail will do household chores. She will take care of farming duties, cooks breakfast and dinner for you, gives you star drop fruit and go to adventure.


Each dialogue will implicate and further facilitate your relationship with Abigail. She has a distinctive set of dialogues when you meet her first time, on the regular basis, and ask you different questions.

To sum up, with, these are guide steps which are required to impress Abigail in the Stardew Valley. This is the wiki guide of Abigail that will lead to a great relationship will here.

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