Planning to obtain an Earth Crystal in Stardew Valley

So how do you go about the Stardew Valley earth crystal? First, you should know what they are. Well, as you already know, Stardew Valley is a game which is very engaging. You need to have a high concentration when playing this game. As simple as it may seem, you need to stay alert and keen since you may make a simple mistake which might come to haunt you later in the game. The game, as you may have realized, requires you to collect some things which you might use to unlock other things in the game or just use them to make some profits for yourself. These artifacts that you collect usually have their own purpose and can help you in one way or another as you continue to play. Let’s look at the Stardew earth crystal as one of the artifacts.

Earth Crystal in Stardew Valley

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The earth crystal in Stardew Valley is usually some type of mineral that can often be found from the geodes or foraged in the mines. The Stardew Valley geodes are mineral deposits which contain some mineral artifacts. They also have some basic resources and ores. The geodes are also found in the mines and can mostly be obtained by breaking the rocks surrounding the map in the mines. The geodes can also be received as a gift at the winter star feast. The Stardew Valley earth crystals can also be found in the mines after they are dropped by duggies (the enemies in the mines). These are usually found on floors 1 – 29. Panning is also a method in which you can use to obtain the earth crystals in Stardew Valley and they can also be obtained from the fishing treasure chest. You can always find one on the ground on the 9th mine floor. You should also know that Stardew earth crystals can be destroyed by bombs.

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The Stardew Valley earth crystals seem to be liked by almost every villager except for Linus and Pierre who dislikes them. The earth crystals in Stardew Valley are also a requirement for completing the geologist bundle in the boiler room. In Stardew Valley, bundles are always donations that are made to the Junimos. They are always given out to players to complete them through some golden scrolls inside the community center. After you complete these bundles, the Junimos will always offer you a reward. Sometimes they will also offer a special reward that might benefit the whole community if you finish all bundles and a particular room in the community center gets finished.

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Stardew Valley earth crystal farming is an important activity since you will need the Stardew earth crystals to purchase the earth obelisk which is usually done from the wizard’s tower. The earth obelisk is simply a type of farm building that can be purchased from the wizard after you finish the goblin problem quest. You can also purchase the water obelisk from the wizard. The water obelisk is usually seen as a companion building to earth obelisk. You can also practice the Stardew Valley earth crystal farming since the Stardew earth crystals might be requested randomly during any season of the year at Pierre’s general store. This is usually indicated at the “Help wanted” board outside the store. Donating the Stardew Valley earth crystals will see you get a reward of 150g and 150 friendship points.

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