Must Read Stardew Valley Linus Guide to Know More Secret

If you been playing Stardew valley for some time, Stardew Valley Linus is one of the most interesting Stardew Valley NPCs you’ll ever find. Although he considers himself as a village outcast and has no friends, the character can learn the hidden side of Linus as being kind hearted and make him a best friend. However, the character should first consider completing blackberry quest which comes with 1 heart friendship point to becoming best friends with Linus stardew valley.

Stardew Valley Linus

Linus Guide

If you are asking for Where to Find Stardew Valley Linus Basket? Then you are going to get your answer. Linus’ Basket Stardew Valley quest starts with Linus’ letter dated 8th Fall addressed to you. Linus notifies you about his lost basket. To complete this quest, you are tasked to find the basket and return it to Linus to earn 1 heart friendship in your social tab. The Linus location for the blueberry basket can be a daunting puzzle that can take a lot of time to solve. Well, to know Linus’s basket Stardew valley exact location, hit the road toward the east from the farm where you’ll meet another road going to the west. Walk till the end of the road where you’ll find Linus basket laying by the road side.

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Linus Stardew Valley Relationship

Linus is a villager in stardew valley who lives a solitude life in a tent in the mountains. His birthday will be on 3rd, Winter. He spends most of the time inside the tent and regards himself as the town’s outcast. He views everyone in the village as an enemy.

Linus’ tent

Linus’ tent

Linus Schedule in Stardew Valley Guide


6.30 am – Linus is next to the tent behind the bush

7.00am – Right in front of the tent and close to the fire

9.30 am – Linus is standing next to the lake away from the tent

10.00am – Still standing next to the lake although closer to his camp.

2.00 pm – Goes back to the tent

2.30 pm – Heads to the front of the tent next to the fire

7.00 pm – Linus will be inside the tent


Linus will be inside his tent at a different time i.e. 6.40 am, 10.20 am and 7.10 pm.

9.40 am – He is behind the bush near the tent

3.10 pm – He stands next to his house under a purple tree


6.40 am – He’s looking at the lake

9.40 am – Move to stand next to the lake

1.10 pm – Stands next to a very long fence

4.00 pm – Goes back to the camp

8.00 pm – Next to the tent behind the bush

8.10 pm – Goes inside the tent


If it’s raining in summer, Linus schedule will be similar to the spring season


6.40 am – He’s inside the tent

7.10 am – Next to the tent behind the bush

7.40 am – Next to the fire in front of the tent

9.30 am – By Spa located in Railroad area

2.50 pm – By the lake standing near the tent

6.30 pm – Gets inside the tent


Activities and time matches the same as in spring and summer


Monday to Sunday

4.10 pm – Linus will be at the Spa’s gate entrance


11.30 am – Next to the fire in front of the tent

12.00 pm – In the entrance of the spa

4.00 pm – Leaves Spa


2.00 pm –Leave his tent to the Spa

2.40 pm – Gets inside Spa’s gate entrance

6.00 pm – Leaves the Spa to his tent

6.40 pm – Gets inside tent


5.00 pm – In the Spa warming up

Friday to Saturday

He spends most time of the day in the Spa warming up


11.00 am – At the tent’s front.


A great part of the day Linus will be warming up in the Spa.


The character can give Linus a gift during his birthday and at least 2 gifts in a week. What you give Linus can either increase or decrease friendship with him.

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Linus’s love gifts

If you give Linus gifts he loves, he is going to thank you by saying that it was a wonderful gift and that you made his day special.

If you want to be best friends with Linus, consider giving him the following gifts;

  • Yam – This is a type of crop that can be grown for 10 days from yam seeds.
  • Cactus fruit – The character can obtain this fruit from the Oasis for 150g on Tuesdays or for between 225 to 1000g at the Travelling Cart. Cactus fruit can also be searched in the Calico Desert through foraging.
  • Blueberry Tart – This is a cooked food that can be prepared from wheat flour, egg, sugar, and blue berry as the key ingredients in the farmhouse kitchen. It has a sell value of 150g.
  • Coconut – Is a type of fruit that can only be foraged in the Calico Desert or bought for 200g.
  • Dish o’ The Sea – This is also cooked from sardines and hash browns in the upgraded farmhouse kitchen. This item can also be rewarded in the fish tank after completing specialty fish bundle
  • Universal loves – These include gifts that all Stardew Valley Characters would want to be given. Giving Linus the following two universal gifts will earn you a lot of points towards becoming best friends with Linus; however, they don’t come way too easy.
  • Prismatic Shard – this is one of the most difficult minerals to find in Stardew valley, it can be dropped by serpents or better still mined from mystic stones, Omni Geode, fishing treasure chest, iridium nodes, and gem nodes.
  • Rabbit foot –  this item is treasured by Stardew Valley Villagers because it brings luck. The character can obtain this gift from a rabbit or buy in the Traveling Cart

Linus’ like gifts

Linus Stardew Valley like gifts is entirely planted. It is worth giving Linus the following gifts that he likes just in case you don’t have gifts he loves in your wallet.

  • Winter root – Is a starchy tuber that can be obtained by foraging during the winter season
  • Holly – Just like the winter root, this plant can also forage for the farm during Winter.
  • Spring onion – This is a plant that can be obtained by foraging at the Cindersap Forest during the spring season.
  • Wild Horseradish – It is a type of plant that is used as a spice. The character can obtain this gift by foraging during the spring.
  • Snow yam – This plant can be obtained by digging beneath the snow using a hoe during winter.
  • Chanterelle – is a type of mushroom with characteristic fruity smell that matures for harvesting during the fall season
  • Daffodil – Is a flower that can be presented as a nice gift.
  • Hazelnut – To get this gift, the character can forage for it during the fall.
  • Morel – Is a type of mushroom with a nutty flavor that can be found in the Forest Farm or Secret Woods
  • Common Mushroom – This mushroom grows in all parts of the Stardew valley during the fall.
  • Purple Mushroom – Can be foraged in deep caves
  • Dandelion – Although this gift’s flowers are ugly, its leaves make a good salad.
  • Leek – The character can obtain this gift from the mountain or by foraging from the farm during the spring.
  • All universal likes, although Linus despises all gems and foraged minerals apart from prismatic shard and diamond
  • All milk
  • All eggs but not if it’s from Void.
  • All fruits apart from cactus and coconut fruit.

Neutral gifts

Giving Linus neutral gift will have no effect in your friendship, although he’ll be happy receiving them.

They consist of the following;

  • All universal neutrals
  • All types of fish but not snail and carp


They include;

  • All minerals that are obtained by foraging.
  • All Gem apart from prismatic shard and diamond
  • All universal dislikes, although spring onion and fish aren’t added here.

Linus Hates

Linus hates all universal hates. Simply searching Stardew valley guide wiki for universal hates will save you the trouble of giving Linus what he hates.

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The Hearts Events

The choice you make during the heart events has the potential to increase or decrease friendship points. The following is a Linus Stardew Valley Guide to decisions you make during hearts event.

  • Zero hearts – The character enters this event after acquiring 50 points. The character meets George chasing Linus away from his trash cans, and later Gus who offers him a meal. You are tasked to tell Linus about your thoughts to his way of life
  • Three hearts – Here, Linus will send you an email with instruction about cooking Sashimi which happens to be one of his favorite meals
  • Four hearts – This event occurs between 8.00 pm and 12.00 midnight in Linus’ tent. Linus breaks the conversation by asking the character to come closer where he apologizes for being mean to him and blame his actions for the way stardew valley villagers mistreats He thanks you for being kind to him and welcomes you inside his tent to show you fish bait. He also gives you the recipe
  • Seven hearts – The character receives a mail from Linus that reads about recipes and thereafter starts receiving gifts

As the common adage goes don’t judge a book by its cover, the character can form a different opinion by getting closer to Linus and become best of friends. Besides gifting stardew valley NPCs to be friends, the character can be friends with Linus by completing Linus basket stardew valley quest by finding the basket and returning it to the owner.

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