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If you are a fun of Stardew Valley one of the best multiplayer RPG games, you must have identified Stardew Valley Haley as a potential candidate for marriage. Perhaps you have been playing your Stardew Valley NPC and it seems Haley is ignoring you and would wish to seek for a Haley Stardew Valley Guide to better your chances of becoming lovers. If this is your case, look no further for you are going to find this article a resourceful Stardew Valley Wiki Guide.

Firstly, before going into our discussion, it would be important to understand how marriages work in Stardew Valley. As a character, you can dialogue with Stardew Valley Villagers to increase your friendship points. In addition, there are wide varieties of gifts to choose from that one can give to Stardew Valley NPCs. The type of gifts you choose will have an effect of either increasing or reducing the number of points earned in character’s social tab. The more points you have, the better the chances of becoming best friends that would later mature to marriage. Furthermore, the choice you make for Stardew Valley Characters during their hearts event also affects friendship points. Recently it has become one of the best multiplayer RPG game.

Stardew Valley Haley

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Haley Stardew Valley Basic information

Haley comes from Pelican Town. She lives with her sister Emily in 2 Willow Lane parent’s home, which is just next to 1 Willow Way Lane. Her birthday will be on Sunday 14th, during the spring season.

Haley’s Relationship

Haley has a sister called Emily whom she lives together in 2 willow lane parents’ home. Haley’s Stardew Valley friend is Alex.

Haley Gifts in Stardew Valley

Just like other potential partners for marriage, Haley receives gifts once during her birthday and twice a week.

Haley’s love gifts

Unlike other NPCs that have a long list of gifts they love, Haley’s has only four. They include the following

  • Coconut – is a type of fruit that can’t be found in any other place apart from the Calico Desert although the character can also buy it for 200g on Mondays at the Oasis
  • Fruit Salad – this is a type of cooked food that can be made in the upgraded kitchen in Stardew Valley Farmhouse using melon, blueberry, and Apricot as the key ingredients. Can also be bought for 450g
  • Pink Cake – this gift can also be cooked in the farmhouse’s kitchen or mailed to the character by his mother after gaining 120,000g
  • Sunflower – is a type of plant that takes 8 days to grow

Stardew Haley Likes Gifts

Haley only likes Daffodil. This gift can be obtained through foraging during Spring

Haley Universal Gifts

Giving Haley the following gifts will have no effects in the character’s relationship.

Stardew Haley’s neutral gifts include;

  • Duck feather
  • Fried egg
  • Truffle
  • Wheat
  • Hops
  • Clam
  • Sweet gem berry
  • Nautilus shell
  • Coral
  • Rainbow shell
  • Bread

Haley List of Dislikes

Don’t waste your valuable minerals to buy Leah dislikes; in fact, you will end up being embarrassed when she refers to your gift as a stupid gift. Haley dislikes the following

  • Common mushroom
  • Chanterelle
  • Hazelnut
  • Holly
  • Morel
  • Dandelion
  • Winter root
  • Snow yam
  • Quartz
  • Leek
  • Purple mushroom
  • All universal dislikes apart from fish and clay
  • All milk
  • All fruit apart from coconut
  • All vegetable apart from wheat and hops

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Haley’s Hated Gift in Haley Stardew Game

If Haley is ignoring you, perhaps you could have given her one of the following items she considers gross.

  • Wild Horseradish
  • Clay
  • Prismatic Shard

Hearts Event – Haley Guide

  1. Two Hearts Events – the character enters Haley’s home where he finds her together with her sister Emily. The character finds the two sisters fighting about who to clean under the couch. Emily is angry and thinks of Haley’s behavior as childish while Haley defends herself saying she the one who did the cleaning last week. Here, the character is required to decide who is in the wrong. Resolving this conflict by asking Haley to make cleaning under the cushion a job she does once a week will earn you +30 friendship points
  2. Four Hearts – Here, the character enters Stardew Valley 2 Willow Way lane home and he finds Haley opening a jar but struggling. She asks you if you can open the jar for her. If you accept you’ll earn + 30 friendship.
  3. Six Hearts – the character goes to the beach between ten in the morning and four o’clock in the evening in all Stardew Valley Season apart from winter. The character finds her sad because she has lost a bracelet that was given to her by her great grandmother. Telling her that you are sorry for her losing the bracelets will earn you +50 friendship points. Look for the lost bracelets in Eliot’s cabin then return it to Haley to earn a kiss.
  4. Eight hearts – the location is the Cindersap forest. This will be on a sunny day between 10.00 hrs. and 16.00 hrs. The character finds Haley taking pictures and she asks you to take photo shots together. She asks you whether you know how to climb a cow but end up falling on the dirt. She leaves to clean up and the following morning she writes to you a letter saying yesterday she really had a good time with you and that she hopes to meet you soon.
  5. Ten Hearts – The character finds Haley at home where she will show him a dark photo room. If you say her photos look great, you will earn 10 friendship points. This will be the right moment to kiss her. In fact, she is going to tell you that she has been waiting for you to kiss her and switches off the lights.

Haley Stardew Valley Schedule

Stardew Valley Character Locations is better understood by looking at their schedule.

Haley’s schedule will change from time to time depending on whether snowing or raining. We are going to have a look at Haley schedule based on Stardew Valley Seasons.

  1. Spring – in all days of the week, she will be up at nine in the morning in her room and retires to bed at half past ten, excepts when it’s raining she sleeps early at ten o’clock. At eleven in the morning, she visits the fountain all days of the week apart from Mondays when she will be found in Marnie’s Ranch. At 5.50 Pm Haley will be cooking dinner all day of the week apart from Wednesdays during which she’ll be standing in the kitchen
  2. Summer –Haley will be in her room at 9.00 am on all days of the week. She’ll then go to the beach at 10.30 am all day of the week except for Wednesdays. Later on at 11.50 am, she will be at the upper left in the beach except for Wednesdays and Fridays. At 2.30 pm, Haley will be found at the Alex ice cream stand located next to the library except for Wednesday. She goes back home at 5.00 pm and cooks dinner at 6.20 pm except for Wednesdays
  3. Fall – Halley will be inside her room on Monday, Tuesday and when it is raining. She will also leave the house to visit the fountain just like she does during spring at 11.00 am. At 12.20 pm she will be taking pictures in Marnie’s Ranch
  4. Winter – She stays indoors all days of the week for the entire winter season. Unlike another season where she’ll be up by 9.00 am, Haley gets out of the bed at 10.00 am.

Haley Stardew Valley Marriage

Once the character marries Haley, she moves in with him to the farmhouse where she sets aside a room next to the bedroom. She puts a small pot garden and plant palms. She will also help you in the farm to water crop and repair the fence. In addition, she will cook breakfast and dinner for you.

Haley Stardew Valley Dialogue

  • Summer – she remarks the season is good to go for swimming during daytime
  • Six hearts – she thinks of starting a new hobby.
  • Gifts – she is going to thank you for gifts she loves, likes and neutral gifts. She calls dislike gift stupid and hated gift gross.

If you want to Stardew Valley Haley to be your best friends, you should be very patient with her since she been brought up from wealthy parents. The good thing about selecting Haley as a partner is that she is very lively and outgoing, for instance, you can accompany Haley to the fountain or better still visit the beach. She’s also very romantic; in fact, she kisses you back at 10 hearts and even puts off the lights to make love with you. However, don’t mistake her for being a cheap girl because she can also make a good wife. She will offer to help to water crops and repair fence. Furthermore, she will cook breakfast and dinner for you. However, this will only be in the dreams you don’t take some time to first know her. If you think Haley Is Ignoring You, take the time to read and understand gifts she loves and likes at Stardew Valley Wiki Haley.

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