A Must Know info About Stardew Valley Penny to Marry Her

If you have been playing Stardew Valley for some time now and have reached the status of best friends, Penny could be one of the best NPCs to settle with. Well in our today’s discussion, we are going to focus our attention to Stardew Valley Penny likes so that you can know exactly what to gift her and earn enough hearts in your social tab. Why Penny and not any other Villager?

  • She is pretty
  • Unlike other characters who may have other interests and ambitions in life, Penny considers settling down and starting family as a priority.
  • She likes tutoring, walking and playing with children, which means she can make a very good mother to your children.
  • As the common adage goes, ‘the ways to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, Penny will make a good wife because she likes cooking

Stardew Valley Penny

Firstly, before talking about what Penny likes, it would important for us to understand how marriage happens in Stardew Valley.

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There are twelve NPCs in Stardew Valley wiki whom you would want to introduce yourself to for marriage. Moreover, all Stardew Valley NPCs have likes and dislikes that is worth knowing about if you would wish to build a relationship leading to marriage. After choosing a partner, the character is supposed to gift him/her with items they love most and avoid annoying them in order to win 10 hearts required for marriage. Gifts will vary from good, best to worst and includes food stuffs like milk, vegetables, fruits to highlight a few.

The player gets to know NPCs likes and dislikes through dialogue. If is your first time playing Stardew Valley you may find it a challenge to earn hearts more so if many are the times you gift your crash worst items main reason being your choice is based on trial and error. If you want to move in with Penny, this is a must read Penny guide you’ll find helpful.

Basic information about Penny

Penny is a villager in Stardew Valley who lives with her mum in a trailer in Pelican town. Her home location is towards the east from the center of Pelican town and West of the river. Her Birthday will be on Tuesday 2nd during Fall. Mark this in your character’s calendar so that you don’t forget to bring her birthday gifts. Her best friends are Maru and Sam.

We are going to answer Stardew Penny questions about likes, gifts, heats and dislikes, heart events, marriage, behavior, dialogue, relationships, schedule and so on.

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Penny’s relationship

Penny stays with her mum Pam in a small stuffy trailer and she is the best friend to Maru and Sam. She likes reading books in the library where she sometimes teaches Jas and Vincent. At some point in the course of Stardew Valley adventure, we come to learn that she has a crush on Sam since Vincent claims to have seen Penny and Sam climbing trees. Upon hearing Vincent’s remarks, she quickly scolds him and refutes the claims as mere gossip. As far as these claims are anything to go by, the truth is yet to establish but what is clear to us is that Sam is a completion. However, this should not worry you. If you can work very hard to know what does penny like in stardew valley wiki, you can reward her with best gifts she likes which will make her forget about Sam by the time you have earned eight hearts in your social tab.

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Penny Schedule – Stardew Valley wiki Guide

Now that you have made up your mind and all you want is to search for Penny to befriend her, it would be important to first know where to find her and learn her schedule. If you were to look for Penny, the best place to go would be her home in Pelican town where you would probably find her either cleaning up or reading. The other place you can find her is the Museum where she might have visited while it was raining to select some book for reading. Better still, you can also find her in the Museum especially on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays teaching Jas and Vincent and later walks them home. However, do not look for her in the Museum during Summer because Penny will not be tutoring during this season. If it is Spring or Fall season and on a Saturday, Penny will be in the town playing ground with Jas and Vincent.

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Penny gifts

What does Penny like in Stardew Valley could be the question you ask yourself by now? Well without beating around the bush, penny likes Stardew Valley list of gifts include the following:

  • Diamond- can be found in the mines or dropped by Muggy while playing level 1 to 29. Diamond can also be found in Monsters while playing other levels.
  • Emerald – this can be obtained in emerald and gem nodes when playing level 80 and above. If playing level 81, emerald can be obtained from the Garbage Can. Lastly but not least, the mineral may also be presented as a gift to the character during Winter Start Feast.
  • Melon – you can also consider to giving Penny Melon that will serve as possible ingredients in her cooking recipe. Other items that can also be gifted to Penny for her cooking recipe include; Poppy and Sand Fish.

To increase friendship with Penny, you can choose any two gifts from the list above in a Week and one more gift during her birthday that occurs on 2nd of Fall Season.

If you remember to gift her what she likes during her birthday, the number of hearts earned will increase to 8+ and she will engage you in a dialogue.

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Gifts’ Dialogue

If you give Penny presents she loves during her birthday she will respond by saying that she loved it and later thank you for the gift and remembering her birthday. She will also say thanks for both neutral and hated gifts, but this is the worst mistake you’ll ever do to Penny given that you want to marry her for she will definitely reduce your friendship. In fact, she won’t hide this from you for she will express her disappointment and tell you directly that she hated the gift. In this regard, therefore, it is worth to highlight Penny’s Neutral, Dislikes and Hated Gifts.

Penny’s Neutral gifts

If you have no minerals to buy Penny expensive gifts such as diamond, you may occasionally gift her Neutral gifts, which would be better than showing empty handed. Stardew Penny Neutral gifts include the following;

  • Winter Root
  • Snow Yam
  • Wild Horseradish
  • Hazelnut
  • Daffodil
  • Common Mushroom and
  • Chanterelle

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Penny’s dislikes

Do not waste your valuable minerals buying Penny the following for she would probably throw them away to the dustbin.

  • Wool
  • Red Mushroom
  • Salmonberry
  • Quartz
  • Purple Mushroom
  • Duck Feather
  • Pale Broth
  • Algae Soup

Penny’s list of hated gifts

If you want to increase friendship with Penny, at no any given time should ever give her hated gifts unless you realize she isn’t what you wanted and wants to dump her for another NPCs. Penny’s hated gifts include the following;

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Pale Ale
  • Rabbit’s Foot
  • Mead
  • Hops
  • Holly
  • Grape

Heart events – this is a cutscene that will appear when you start to dialogue with Penny. It shows the level of friendship depending gifts and choices you make during hearts events.

Four hearts – you can increase friendship with Penny by offering to help her clean the messy trailer, however, be cautioned of her mother who won’t like it if she gets you in the house alone.

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Six hearts – here the level of your energy will increase to 195 if you accept Penny invitation to watch a movie and her recipe. Though her new recipe tastes awful, lying that it tastes delicious will earn you more +50 points friendship.

Eight Hearts – the character player is introduced to a scene where Penny ask him to be a guest speaker about his experience with children in the countryside. If the character player accepts the invitation, the level of friendship increases to +10. In addition, respond you love children and want a big family for +20 increase and +10 more if you agree to the question you’ll make a good parent.

Ten hearts – here you’ll meet receive a letter from Penny asking you to meet her in the pool between 7 pm and 12.00 midnight. It is at this point that she confesses her love for you.

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Penny will continue working in the Museum as in norm. She’ll convert what used to be a small library and make it her own private room. Thereafter she will setup a small garden where she’ll be going to read.

Stardew Valley gives you the opportunity to meet and interacts with NPCs with personal traits just as it happens in real life. The character can play along with NPCs dialogue and increase the level of friendship to possible marriage. If you’d love to know more about Penny character and move in together, it would be important to understand her well by knowing what she loves, her likes and dislikes and what she hates. Lastly, it is worth going through Penny Guide first. It will enable you to win her trust and later marriage with ease.

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