Making Gaming a More Enjoyable Experience With a VPN

Most of the gaming crowd are no strangers to using a VPN. By taking the time to learn its technical sides, you’ll be installing and using it in a matter of minutes. The only thing missing is the motivation and the willingness to do so. But that’s what we’re here for. In today’s article, we’ll show you all the benefits of using a VPN and how it relates to improving your gaming experience.

1. Be the first to play the game

Being able to play the game well before your friends can get their hands on it is fantastic. Oftentimes, certain titles have a different release schedule across different regions, and that presents the perfect opportunity to use the IP-masking of a VPN to your advantage. By passing yourself off as a resident of the country that first gets to access and download the game, you’ll be able to create a massive advantage before they even get past the main menu for the first time.

2. Eliminate the lag issues

When playing multiplayer games, too much lag can spell death to your gaming experience. In the end, if the actions performed by your character take a considerable amount to come out and have a delayed effect on the environment, you’re at a considerable disadvantage. This is especially true when playing action-based games like FPS shooters or combat-focused games of the MMO genre. A VPN can help you reduce the lag issues, thus improving your gaming experience by a great margin.

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3. Play your favorite games from anywhere

Do you often find yourself traveling and gaming on the go? By using a VPN, you will be able to play your favorite games from anywhere in the world. Normally, you’d be forced to use the local servers due to your current location, but in case you’d prefer to use the same ones you use at home, using a VPN is the perfect solution.

4. Make a stand against ISP throttling

In the name of reducing network congestion, certain ISPs resort to a practice that’s referred to as connection throttling. You may assume that your connection has suddenly become slower due to all of your neighbors being online at the same time, but that might not always be the case. As it goes without saying, a slower connection can easily impact your gaming experience and increase lag times, which is something you want to avoid at all costs.

5. Protect yourself against DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are the unfortunate reality of competitive gaming of any kind. To gain an advantage, certain gamers resort to underhanded tactics to weaken their opponents outside of the game itself. A VPN acts as a shield that protects you from such attacks and hides your real IP from plain sight.

6. Protect your privacy

Anything that gets sent through a VPN stays between you and the intended target destination. If you’re not keen on the government or your ISP spying on what you do online, using one is a must, even during your leisure time. After all, what you do in your free time is no one’s business but your own.

7. Bypass censorship

If you’re trying to access a certain type of content from a country that doesn’t tolerate it, you’re going to be met with a fair share of resistance that shows in the form of censorship. Most commonly, the government will attempt to prevent you from accessing certain websites, and in some cases, you won’t be allowed to play your favorite games. Typically, this is observed with any kind of poker or gambling games, but other multiplayer games are no exception. Using a VPN is one of the ways to get around this and enjoy the content you prefer whenever and wherever you feel like it.

8. Protect your account

Those who have spent a considerable share of their lives playing MMO games, for example, are quite familiar with how long it takes to build up an account. This involves the time needed to level up your character, gain a massive inventory of valuable items, and complete all the quests. Imagine how lucrative it would be for a hacker to break into your account and steal all your hard earned money and gear. After all, these accounts are known to sell quite well on certain online marketplaces. With that in mind, don’t be the victim and ensure your connection is always routed through a VPN, so no one will be able to intercept your password when you input it at the login screen.


The points outlined above should be more than enough to convince you that a VPN is a must for online gamers of any kind. Given how much you get for as little as 3 bucks per month, which is the starting price tag of numerous VPN packages, there is hardly a reason to delay your purchase.

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