Looking to Have Fun with Best Stardew Valley Gameplay Mods?

Stardew Valley is here to stay and if we are going to get another game that perfectly simulates the real-world farming activities we often do, am pretty sure it’s going to a while. That’s if at all we are going to get one. During this time since it was first introduced, the game has enjoyed some great success as people seem to like it thus receiving a warm welcome in the gaming industry. This is clearly evident as you might have seen it has enjoyed massive downloads across the globe and I don’t think this is going to stop soon. Well, at least not after the introduction of some of the best Stardew Valley gameplay mods.

Stardew Valley Gameplay Mods

Anyway, the game has been created and released in the market and if there is something people don’t like about it, you don’t expect the creator of the game to change the entire game right? Of cause not, he can only be able to change some parts of it. But before you even start to complain about anything, the creator of this game has realized some parts that need a bit of change and modification to help you enjoy the game even more. I am talking about mods. The team behind the game has been working tirelessly each day to come up with new mods that will help you modify the game and see it in a different way than it was before.

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Playing with these mods will enable you to change almost anything in the game, you can be able to change the character portraits, how your and house look like or even the kind of background music you want. You can also use the mods to perform some magic like changing the weather to whatever weather you want and adding many more features to the game. Oh! Did I also forget that you can use these mods to adjust the time? This is why I’ve decided to come up with this list of some top Stardew Valley mods that you can use to modify your gameplay and experience so much fun while playing. Note that each day a new mod might be released that might turn out to be better than the ones below but as for now, I think these are some of the top rated Stardew Valley mods for the gameplay.

11 Best Stardew Valley gameplay mods

  • Easier fishing

Stadew Valley Fishing Mod

Fishing has been with us for many years now and am sure most of us would occasionally spend their weekends on this activity to ease up your mind or if you just wanted some time out to take a break from anything that brings you stress. Fishing can sometimes be seen as a leisure activity but in Stardew Valley, it is not. It is usually a profession which will require you to develop some skills in it and you just might be able to make some profits out of it. Well, one of the complaints from most gamers especially the beginners is that they usually find it hard to catch some fish. It seems like someone finally understood their pain and decided to come up with this mod. It is one of the best Stardew Valley fishing mods available. As the name suggests, this mod helps to make fishing easier by smoothening the movements of the fish and make them move less frequently up and down the meter making them a bit easier to trap. You must note that the mod doesn’t make fishing useless or anything but it only makes it a bit easier and you wouldn’t have to sweat it out while trying to catch a fish. You can find this mod here.

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  • Time speed mod

Time speed mod

Oh yeah, you heard that right. There is a time speed mod that allows you to adjust how long or how short you want your day to be in the game. Imagine executing your whole week plan in just one day, how would that feel? That’s what you get when you use the time speed mod in Stardew Valley. I mean seriously how would you water your plants, harvest, go to the mines, have time to socialize and give out gifts to people among other things in just one day? That sounds crazy I know but it’s all possible when you use the time speed mod. What this mod does is that it adjusts the seconds in each 10-minute block that the game time takes. The mod doubles the length of a day by default but this can be manually adjusted hence enabling you to make your day longer or shorter depending on what you want. You can download the mod here.

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  • NPC map locations

Time speed mod

Have you ever wondered how cops usually find the bad guys even if they think that they are hiding in the safest place and no one can find them?  Well, it’s called tracking and now Stardew Valley, through this mod can also allow you to find people. Finding them manually can be a little bit hard but with a little bit help, you can find an easy way out. This mod allows each NPC to show up on your minimap. You can also set to only update once a day and limiting it to show only the people that you are interested in. You can also limit it to only show the people currently around you in whichever place you are in. A mode with these abilities surely can’t miss in a list of top rated Stardew Valley mods. Find it here.

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  • Generic shop extender

Generic shop extender

This is also one of the quite interesting mods when it comes to Stardew Valley gameplay. The mod gives you the power to get what you want where you want them. This is about Stardew Valley shop items. It enables you to add a customizable file to the game that allows you to make some modification and make some specific items only to be sold by specific shopkeepers. With this mod, you can even set some specific items only to become available after certain points in the game. Well, in as much as you can see this mod as a cheat, I would say you can use it responsibly in order to get some of the important items that you would need to collect later in the game when you have some money. You can download the mod here.

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  • Fast geode

Fast geode

I am sure this mod has come to the rescue of many of us right? Well, if you still don’t know what am getting at, then maybe you haven’t been visiting the mines more often. Anyway, to the miners, how much time does the animation for processing the geodes takes when you want to crack open a dozen of them all at once? A lot of time I guess. This can sometimes be frustrating to most of us and that’s the motivation behind the creation of this mod. This mod simply speeds up this process by getting rid of the time wasting animation. With this mod installed, you can actually be able to crack open a whole stack of geodes in seconds but you must make sure that you have enough inventory space to hold everything that you will get from the geodes. Find and download it here.

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  • All crops all seasons

All crops all seasons

This mod gives you to tamper even with the core part of the game’s design. It doesn’t mean that everything you do with the help of mods will always be to your advantage but it’s up to you to decide. The very first thing you notice when you start playing the game is that you can only grow some specific plants during specific seasons and some plants can even survive throughout the seasons. With all crops all season mod, you can be able to grow all the crops and they would survive during all the seasons just as the name suggests. You can use this mod to continue farming throughout the year or you might even choose to plant some specific crops that bring you more advantages and you can’t leave without them throughout the year. The mod gives you options and you can choose the one which suits your needs. Download the mod here.

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  • Speeder’s slower fence decaying mod

Speeder’s slower fence decaying mod

Believe me, strange as it may sound, fences in Stardew Valley do decay and its part of the game even though there isn’t that much explanation about it. When you are starting up your farm, you can work hard and even put fences everywhere making your farm to look precise and beautiful but then after a few days, all of that might turn into a huge mess. This is almost like something inevitable but at least with this mod, you can be able to reduce the speed or the rate at which your fence is decaying. I can say that this mod plays by the rules of the game as it only makes the fences less likely to break thus allowing them to last a bit longer. This is one of the good mods you might pick to play with and you can download it here.

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  • Items show sell price in your inventory

Items show sell price in your inventory

Most of us might always get disturbed when you want to sell something but you wouldn’t know how much to sell it for right? If you sell it at a lower price than you anticipated, you get disappointed but if you sell it at a higher price, then good luck. But how would it feel if you actually knew your product’s worth? Good, I guess. Well, this is what you will get if you use this mod. It shows how much you can sell your items for while they are still in your backpack. This can come in handy when your inventory is almost full and you don’t really know what to get rid of. With this mod, you would be able to know which items would bring you the least amount of money and get rid of them to make room for other things. You can also use it when fishing. This way, you would be able also to know the types of fish that will make you less profit and eat them so that you might create some room for the rare catches. You can download the mod here.

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  • Teh’s fishing overhaul

Teh’s fishing overhaul

This mod simply gives you an alternative to making your fishing even much easier. The mod doesn’t bring that much change to the fishing activities but it modifies it in few different ways. Using this mod makes the fish be slightly easier to catch and there is also a chance that they might be unaware when this is happening hence making them become even much easier to trap. The mod introduces the new “perfect stream system” which will see you get rewarded when you trap perfect catches together. The more you make get perfect catches in row the more likely it is for the fish to be of high quality. This also makes the treasure chest to appear and be better. You can find this mod here.

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  • Horse whistle

Horse whistle

  • Get dressed

Get dressed

From the name alone, you already have the idea of what this mod is all about. This mod simply adds a combination of dresser and mirror to your farmhouse that will allow you to change your outfit at any given time. This mod also allows you to select makes ups and new face types for your characters. At least you are able to get more than just swapping styles from this mod. You can find and download the mod here.

Playing with mods has never been that much fun until you try the best ones. Again, as earlier mentioned, new mods get released each and every day hence the ones mentioned above might not be able to stand as the best Stardew Valley mods for a long time but for now, these are some of the best Stardew Valley gameplay mods. Download and install them and have a much fun gaming experience.

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