Are You Interested to Know about Stardew Valley Flower Dance?

Wow, let me present to you perhaps the most liked part of the game, the Stardew Valley flower dance. As you might have realized, Stardew Valley is not always about farming alone. There are also some social aspects in it. How you socially interact with people around you is also one of the key things that the game will test you on. You have to work on your socializing skills as this might lead to your success in the game. For instance, when you want to woo one of the ladies in the village to get married to, you will have to put your socializing skills to action. Also, when the Mayor requests you to help him find his lost pair of shots, your socializing skills will be tested since you will have to go and make Marnie believe that you are her friend thus allowing you to enter her bedroom and find the Mayor’s lost shots. Your social interaction skills can be of great benefits since through them you can earn some friendship points which you can use to your advantage while playing.

Stardew Valley Flower Dance

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Anyway, back to the flower dance in Stardew Valley. In Stardew valley, the Stardew flower dance occurs on 24th of every spring. You will get a notice or a mail from Mayor Lewis inviting you to the festival a day before the event. Now, where is the flower dance located in Stardew Valley? You can be able to join the dance by entering the Cindersap Forest between 9 am and 2 pm. You must also keep in mind that before 9 am, you cannot enter the forest. During this time, you will be able to attend the festival and when it ends, you will be returned to the farm. The flower dance doesn’t just take place in the whole of the forest. It usually takes place south of the Wizard’s tower which is exactly across the bridge in the far west of the forest. This is the Stardew Valley flower dance location. Players can access this place only during the flower dance festival.

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This is even more fun. During the Stardew flower dance festival, just like any other normal wedding, you are allowed to dance with one of the bachelors or the bachelorettes. You are allowed but it is not automatic that when you get to the Stardew Valley dance, they will come to you. So how do you ask someone to the flower dance? Doing this is pretty simple, you will only need to talk to them twice for that matter and invite them to dance with you. If you have four hearts of friendship with them, luckily they will agree to your proposal but if you don’t, sorry for the heartbreak. Anyway, don’t feel bad just because they said no, you can also be able to talk to other villagers and engage them in a dialogue that is related to the Stardew flower dance festival. Dancing will always increase your level of friendship with your Stardew Valley dance partner by 1 heart, which is also equivalent to 250 points. It seems like you are the one whom they’ve been waiting for to start the flower dance in Stardew Valley. Once you have a little conversation with Lewis, who is also the Mayor of Stardew valley, the dance will commence. The Stardew dance festival will usually end after the dance performance.

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This game is more interesting, a simple mistake can really make you feel frustrated, and sometimes you can even give up on your game. All you have to do is be keen and do exactly what is required then everything else will pretty much fall in place. For instance, many players would often ask if it was possible to get a date on the first spring dance. Another question most likely to be asked is how much does a character need to like you before they finally say yes and agree to have that Stardew flower dance with you. Anyway, for the first question, yes, it is possible to get a date on the first flower dance in Stardew Valley. All you have to do is take some gifts and give them to the girl you are interested in during her birthday. Make sure it is the person’s favorite gift otherwise they won’t be accepted. You can get these gifts from the traveling cart. You should also be able to give them at least two presents each week. Once again, make sure that the presents you take are liked by the people you are taking them to.

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For the second question, you will need like six friendship hearts. Giving out the birthday gifts will only get you 3 friendship hearts. The most possible and perhaps the easiest person to ask is Haley. You only need to buy her a sunflower, a coconut or a pink cake for her birthday. You will also need to gift her like 2 flowers a week. This is easy because her birthday comes first.

When you reach this point, you might also experience some bugs. During the flower dance festival, if you happen to position yourself between Gus and the flowers located on the south of where the dance is taking place, Pam, another villager, will walk over you. This will disable your movements hence you will get stuck. Also note that when you are married, you can be able to choose other villagers as your Stardew Valley flower dance partner. Your spouse, on the other hand, can also dance with other villagers as well. Let’s hope that this doesn’t get you jealous.

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During the event, another villager, Pierre will always have a booth set up somewhere from which you may be able to buy some items and use them as gifts to other people. From her booth, you can get Tub o’flowers, the recipe for the tub o’flowers, daffodil which is a spring flower that can make a nice gift. You can also get a dandelion which is another spring flower that is good in salads and a rarecrow. With all these being said, you may now go ahead and enjoy your first spring dance.

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