How to convert android app to IOS online

There is a reason that I-phone is always considered far better choice for any Smartphone users. Not just because of its hardware but for its cohesive and ecosystem experience that made you buy this. We all want our own personal gadget and it seems that I-phone is the next big thing in so many ways possible.

For sometime androids were the only operating system that people would rely on everyone was picking them because Google androids are very cheap and effective products running in the market but today, since apple has changed the way of approaching its consumers that everyone is switching to its products.

convert android app to IOS online

We all know that apple lost to the Microsoft in the PC war. Then apple decided to create iPods and I-phone’s and decided to go in new directions and now anyone who goes into the apple stores knows that apple customers services represents a gold standard in selling and supporting the gadgets.

Below we have listed some of the interesting facts about How to convert android app to IOS online to help you understand why apple brand is still the best choice when it comes to handheld Smartphone’s.

  • take your complied android app and upload it into MechDome
  • select to create a an IOS App simulator for the device
  • it will convert the Android app to IOS app and optimize the device
  • you are done

Sometimes you need to convert .exe to .apk depending on the situation.

Some Differences:

1) Architecture difference

As the leading mobile company in the world Apple has made its products especially the I-phones very convenient to the consumers. Today, people usually go for the Smartphone’s who are easy to operate not only in designs and hardware but also in software as well.

2) Framework and UI Automator:

One main reason where all major androids become failing in front of Apple I-phone is that having secure devices, they have done a great job because mostly users uses internet in the phones and at some point malware (virus) got into your phone where in I-phone it is not a thing to worry about.

3) Material design and user interface

One of the best reasons to get a phone is because of its design that really attracts the buyer towards it and apple has done justice with its design beautifully. With the IOS technology you get new backgrounds and icons appear floating in the screen. It is because of introducing the new parallax effects.

4) The mobile fragmentation:

If you speak of apps, then Apple’s app store is the perfect place to be. Where you can get the latest updates and a number of bright apps that where you can play I-phone games and enjoy them. Thanks to is IOS operating system get access to unlimited apps with great lineup to choose and use.

5) The great level of update cycle:

Many people were shocked to see that when Apple announces that IOS update is compatible both with new and old I-phones. Which is the main reason you don’t have to buy a new I-phone instead you can enjoy new updates and extensive app testing in your current phones.


These are some of the tips about How to convert android app to IOS online. After all it is all about to get bigger coverage of audience and expand your market presence.

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