How do you get more Stardew Valley Ancient Seeds?

In this article, we are going to talk about the Stardew Valley ancient seeds as one of the artifacts that can be found in this game. In the Stardew Valley, the ancient seed is simply an artifact that players can usually find when they dig up an artifact sport. Now, for the new players, you might be wondering what an artifact spot is, right? An artifact spot is a small tile in Stardew Valley that can usually be found in areas where the ground is able to be tilled. An artifact spot is supposed to be tilled with a hoe hence providing you with lost books, stone, clay, mixed seeds, and artifacts. These spots are usually common during the winter. During the winter they are also able to give you winter roots or even the snow yams. Artifact spots are also known as stems worms or twigs. You can also find the Stardew ancient seed in an artifact spot located at the quarry, Cindersap forest and also on the mountains. An ancient seed can also be obtained from the fishing treasure chest. Compared to other items, the ancient seed seems to be much easier to find as they can also be dropped from grubs, bugs, mutant grubs and mutant flies.

Stardew Valley Ancient Seeds

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These Stardew ancient seeds can usually be crafted and changed into some viable seeds that the players can use to grow an ancient fruit during the summer, fall or even during the spring. When you plant the Stardew Valley ancient seed, you will be able to get an ancient fruit only after 28 days. After you are able to plant one and it becomes successfully mature, you will be able to get another ancient fruit after every 7 days. This is because a mature ancient fruit crop will yield another one. The ancient seed in Stardew Valley can often be used as a donation to the museum. When you donate an ancient seed to the museum, you will be rewarded with a crafting recipe for the ancient fruit seeds along with a pack of said seeds.  A Stardew ancient seed can also be acquired by using the seed maker or bought from the traveling cart which rarely appears. The cart only appears during some specific days of the week. This is often a much difficult method to use when you want to get the ancient seed in Stardew. When the seeds are shipped, they usually go for 30g.

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You should also note that whenever you use a seed maker with any other crop which is not an ancient fruit, you will have very minimal chances of obtaining 1 – 3 Stardew ancient seeds instead of that crop’s seeds. The ancient seeds appear to be dry and old and it is believed to have come from an ancient plant that has been dormant for quite a long time.

How do you get more Stardew Valley Ancient Seeds?

Have you ever wondered how you can get a bunch of ancient seeds in Stardew? Well, it is human nature to get frustrated when things are not going according to plan. When this happens, you will have to look for other ways to solve your problems. The same case can apply in Stardew Valley. As you might have realized, in Stardew Valley you be required to collect some artifacts that will enable you to pass some stages when used. These artifacts can sometimes be a headache when looking for them thus forcing the players to look for other alternatives that they might use to get hold of these items. One of these items we are talking about is the Stardew ancient seeds. We have already learned of where you might find them but not how you can get many of them. If you find them a bit difficult to obtain, try the following method. You can plant blueberries crops in the summer and some cranberries during the fall. When they mature, run the fruits you get through a seed maker instead of selling them then later sell the seeds. You might increase your chances of getting a Stardew ancient seed just by running about 200 blueberries through the seed maker.

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While waiting for the crops to grow, of course, you cannot be putting all your hopes in the crops. You need to keep on searching. Go and try your luck by hitting mine levels 10 and 20. Here, you will find the grubs which also have like 50% chance of dropping for you some Stardew Valley ancient seeds. You can be able to get up to about 10 seeds in your daily visits. This means that you can be able to get a seed just after making a few trips.

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The greatest trick however is, look for only one ancient seed and then take it and donate it to the museum. Upon doing this, you will be given a seed packet in return. Plant this seed into a greenhouse and make sure that you throw every fruit that grows out of it into a seed maker. With this, you can be sure to have a constant supply of Stardew Valley ancient seeds. Growing them in a greenhouse means that they will never die hence they will keep on producing the ancient fruits. You must take keen notice that the ancient seeds will only live forever and keep on yielding when you grow them in the greenhouse. When they are grown outside, they will die just as the other crops. Strawberries and cranberries can also live forever when grown in a greenhouse. Another question often asked by a lot of players is at what time is suitable for you to plant the ancient seeds. Well, you can wait until the 1st of spring or if you already have a greenhouse, you can go ahead and plant them. They can take up to a season to grow so if you planted them on 1st of spring as said before, you can be sure to get your harvest at the end of the season. Always remember to water your crops too.

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