Donated 60 items to the Museum but no Stardew Valley Rusty key, Why?

Perhaps you could have donated 60 items or even more to the Museum and still, Gunther has not shown up to give you the Stardew Valley Rusty Key. This feeling can be very annoying and sometimes disappointing more so when you try to imagine all the hard work and effort you put into play, and that all your artifacts have gone to the waste just like that with no reward. To make the matter worse is the fact that there is little information on the internet about this subject. Well, this discussion is going to find possible solutions as to why you do not have the Rusty Key yet you donated artifacts and minerals to The Museum.

Firstly, before we even go any further with our discussion it would be necessary to have a brief discussion on what is Rusty Key and what the character player has to do to finally have the key.

Stardew Valley Rusty Key

What is Rusty Key?

During the initial stages of playing, there are several locations in Stardew Valley that the character cannot get access to. One such location is the Sewer.

Rusty key is a quest in Stardew Valley that allow the player to get access to The Sewer. Besides Rusty Key, the other adventure location that you will also find exciting is the Skull Cavern. Just like the Sewer, the character will not be able to access the location without Stardew Valley Skull Key.

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Just to tip you out Gunther, who is in charge of the Museum and Library has the Rusty Key and there is no way he is going to give it out unless you donate 60 items to the Museum. Gunther accepts no any other gifts other than minerals and artifacts. In this regard, therefore, show your kindness by donating 60 of your artifacts to the Museum. Your kindness will not go unnoticed. By the time you will be waking up the following day, Gunther will be right at your door to reward you with the Rusty Key gift.

Actually, it is important to mention that collecting artifacts and minerals until the character hits 60 is a daunting task that demands a lot of digging in great depths. Well, you should not be scared for I am going to share with you helpful Rusty Key tips to reach the Sewer just like other pundits.

  • Hit the Geodes to crack open – This is one of the easiest ways to get minerals and artifacts. To get the best Geodes to crack you will need to dig deeper into the rocks, although occasionally you can also obtain Geodes from monsters.
  • Dig wriggly worms – if you happen to come across wriggly worms in the course of foraging, dig them out for you can also find artifacts hidden there.
  • Get into the mines – the mines will usually open during summer where you will find many monsters in possession of minerals and artifacts.

While in the sewer there are many games features the player can reach, these include;

  • Krobus’s shop,
  • Mutant Bug Lair and
  • Fishing

As we have identified in the discussion this will only be in the dreams unless we have the Rusty Key. We are going to have a look at some of the possible reason why you don’t have the Rusty Key despite parting with 60 items.

Rusty Key: Possible reasons for not having it and solutions?

  • Wrong Search – Many players facing this problem do not know where to find Rusty Key and are probably looking in wrong places. Well, this may seem too obvious, but it is worth to note that the right place to get the Key is the character storage known as the Wallet. To locate the Wallet go directly to the player’s menu under the skills tab. There, you will see other special items scroll careful and see whether you will find the rusty key.
  • Too soon to ask – To elaborate on this point, it will be necessary to understand Stardew Rusty Key game facts. Normally, after donating 60 items to Gunther, he will show up on the following day with the key. However, it is likely to hear some players demanding for the Rusty Key too soon after hitting 60. Therefore, the big question you should be asking yourself is whether you have slept. After hitting 60, go to sleep. The first thing you’ll note when you wake up will be Gunther gifting you the Rusty Key.
  • Jas and Vincent Cutscene hasn’t shown up – At some point during the pursuit of this quest, Jas and Vincent will appear in a cutscene. They’ll tell you about Rusty Key and what you have to do to get it. If you have not seen them, it means this function is not activated and you are likely not to get the key even after donating 60 donations to the Museum.
  • Reorganize the Museum – In one of the public forum where the question of not having Rusty Key yet the character has donated 60 items was posted, one of the pundits suggests reorganizing the Museum as a possible fix. He goes on to say that changing the position of the artifacts enabled him to get the key without adding any new item to the Museum. Perhaps you can also consider the similar trick and see whether it works.

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There are great game features the player will find tantalizing in Stardew Valley especially if the game character is able to get into the Sewer. However, this location is usually locked and can only be accessed by donating at least 60 items to the Museum. Once this is done, Gunther will show up without fail and will reward the character with Rusty Key. If you don’t get the key search in the Wallet, it could be that Gunther gave you the key and didn’t notice. Lastly but not least, don’t exhaust yourself all night waiting and wondering why you don’t have the key. Rest until the following day, Gunther will definitely be at your door to reward you with Rusty Key gift.

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