A Complete Information on Stardew Valley Forester or Gatherer

What is your choice when it comes down to choosing between being a Stardew Valley forester or gatherer? In this game, whether you are a new player or you have played it before, you must have noticed that at both levels 5 and 10 in each profession, you are required to choose between two skills. These professions often make some parts of each skill to be of profit to you. However, these professions usually don’t have that much impact on the game.

Stardew Valley Forester or Gatherer

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They are just there to help you specialize in some skills that will make some parts of the game a bit easier in the later stages. Upon reaching level 5, most of the players usually have to think a lot, wondering which profession will be a better choice between becoming a stardew valley forester or gatherer. They usually feel that pressure of making the right decision because this helps you to get a second bonus when you reach level 10 based on what you had chosen earlier. The bonus received at level 10 is usually to help you specialize further in the profession you selected. In stardew valley, you will find a lot of profession combinations some of which might make a difference in the play style. Careful though, some of these professions might turn out to be too weak thus making you regret why you even chose them in the first place. Let us look at level 5 foraging in stardew valley.

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Level 5 Foraging in Stardew Valley

And here comes foraging, which is one of the professions in the stardew valley. Like any other profession, it also has two skills where one must decide and choose of them. One side of this profession deals with planting and cutting down of trees while the other side deals with finding more goods.

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Forester or Gatherer

When you choose to become a Stardew Valley forester, well, you will be able to access the lumberjack or the trapper profession when you reach level 10. This is usually seen to be quite useless and most underrated since the wood isn’t usually sold for profits but this something that a lot of people don’t do. When you chose to become a forester, you will get a 50% increase in the value of wood. I guess most players avoid it because you only get the profits during the first few days of the game. Some of the benefits that you get from the tree include 12 woods, a seed, and 5 saps. This is when you don’t cut the stump. The 12 kinds of wood are worth 36g, 5 saps worth 10g or 2ish fertilizer and 3 seeds usually turn into 45 energy. Come to think of it; this is still a better return compared to most of the crops that will require you to buy some seeds and then water them each day.

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For the Lumberjack, you will find no need of constantly going to the secret area in the forest looking for the hardwood. You must also note that the lumberjack also gives you a chance that to make around 22 to 44 more gold for each tree. Well, this is a benefit since you will be having more time to look after your farm rather than going outside to look for the hard. Tapper is also being seen as a useless skill by most players. This is mainly because syrup doesn’t usually get a bonus from the artisan and 25% is also not that much even if you don’t usually do much work for you to acquire the syrup.

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So far we have seen what you can get when you choose to go with a forester, now let us look at the gatherer. When you pick gatherer, you will realize that you now have the ability to get additional goods and this always feels good. The advantage here most probably is the ability to craft more often while doing less amount of work. You can also make your days to become a little longer by acquiring some extra energy. Choosing to go with gatherer also means that you will have up to 20% chance of doubling a foraged item when you pick it up. This unlocks the tracker and botanist skills when you reach level 10

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While at level 10, when you choose the tracker, small visual arrows will appear. These arrows will help you to find more forageable or gatherable items by indicating for you where they are located. This is a feature that seems to be enjoyed by many players. On the other hand, when you pick a botanist, the main benefit that you will get is that everything you forage will be turned into a gold star quality. By everything, this also includes the quartz or tears from the mine and also everything from the beach. The forage you will grow from the will seeds will also be turned into a gold star quality. This is also added on top of the +15% chance for a double harvest. This is always seen to be one of the ways in which you can have a nice planted farm during the winter through the winter seeds.

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Conclusion: Forester Vs. Gatherer in Stardew Valley

Well, the two professions seem to be offering some fairly good choices. Wood, as you have seen, doesn’t really give you much since it is not such a money maker. This can be seen to be a lot of energy spent for a little return. Tracker is also not that much beneficial compared to most of the things at this level. This is mainly because at this stage; you do not really need many foraged gold quality items. Anyway, this doesn’t make gatherer to be a useless choice, and personally, I would choose botanist to go with it. You might have also realized that you don’t really need foraged things for recipes. For me at this stage, you might want to consider picking forester with Lumberjack. Honestly, you will need a lot of hardwood. Well, there might be a reliable source in the secret forest, but this doesn’t make that much quantity. Anyway, this is a matter of preference; it is now up to you to choose whether you want to become a forester or a gatherer in stardew valley.

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