The Cave of Stardew Valley Mushrooms or Bats

What about Stardew Valley mushrooms or bats? This is a question most new players usually ask themselves when they reach this point. They most certainly see it as a small detour because it involves some decisions to be made and once you make your choice, whether you pick Stardew Valley mushrooms or fruit bats there will be no going back.  You will have to be very keen when making these decisions because whatever choice you pick will be of profit to you or not. Well, all this happens in the cave where after you have accumulated 25,000g in your total earnings, there will be someone who will come to you. This person’s name is Demetrius.

Stardew valley mushrooms or bats

Demetrius is a villager living in 24 mountain road. This place is located on the mountain where he lives with his wife Robin and his daughter Maru. He also has a step son called Sebastian. Demetrius is also a scientist who studies the local wildlife in the valley and can mostly be found in his laboratory and sometimes you can also find him outside taking notes. After you reach the total earnings required, Demetrius will pay you a visit in your farm and tell you that he would like to use the cave to set up research specimen. Here is when you will be given the options to choose from. Demetrius will ask you to choose between Stardew Valley wiki fruit bats or mushrooms. Once again you should be aware that the decision you make here is permanent and cannot be changed.

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Choosing between Stardew Valley Mushrooms or Bats

We have now learned that the two options you have to choose from include picking Stardew mushrooms or bats. If you decide to pick the bats, this is what they do. The fruit bats will often leave various fruits in the Stardew Valley cave on your farm. This can be a great option when it comes to making the artisan goods. The bats will give you a slow but a steady supply of fruits even when out of season. Also in the first year or two, you will be able to complete the artisan bundle in the pantry. This will happen quickly enough even before you get the required amount of money to buy all the necessary fruit trees. Having the fruit trees also comes as a significant boost since they make excellent gifts for the villagers. This is because they are usually universal and are also readily accessible in the earlier stages of the game. They also don’t require a kitchen. More often, you might realize that fruit gifting may be the best move late in the game other than using them to make artisan goods, shipping them, using them to finish the bundles or even eating them for some extra energy. The fruits usually include Cherry, which is the most popular and ripens sooner or much faster than any other fruit, Pomegranate, Peach, Apple, Orange, Spice Berry, Apricot, Wild Plum, Blackberry, and Salmonberry.

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Stardew Valley Mushrooms – Stardew Valley Wiki Guide

We are still discussing Demetrius options of choosing either mushrooms or bats in Stardew valley. When you pick the mushrooms, there are six plots that will be added to that Stardew Valley cave, and certain types of mushrooms will start growing there randomly. When this happens, you will notice that five different types will appear. This includes even all the four types that are required to craft the life elixir. Life Elixir is an edible crafted item and its recipe is earned at Combat skill level 2. This is often seen as the best way to craft the Elixir even though common mushrooms, morels, and chanterelles are the ones that mostly do appear.

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For the players who would prefer to go to the mines, this detour of choosing either bats or mushrooms shouldn’t be a problem for you. Picking the mushroom option will come as a great advantage to you since most of these mushrooms can be hard to find sometimes. Picking the mushroom option will also be of great benefit to those players that are planning grow fruit trees or have already grown them. This is because you will not need any extra fruit that is provided by the fruit bats. Stardew valley cave mushrooms can be harvested daily, but you cannot harvest them more than once a day.  The next morning after Demetrius is done; the six plots will start generating the mushrooms. The mushrooms will also be generated every morning after a harvest has been done the previous day. The growth time for these mushrooms is usually 10 hours, so this means you will have to wait up to until 4 PM. Until these mushrooms are harvested, they will usually remain unspoiled just like other normal crops.

When the player decides to harvest the mushrooms before 7 AM, you will still have to wait until 4 PM the following day when they will be ready again. If the player goes to bed without harvesting the ready mushrooms, that will be counted as a wasted or missed day of production. The generated types of mushrooms include the common mushroom, red mushroom, purple mushroom, chanterelle, and morel.

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Mushrooms or bats: Conclusion

Well, the whole discussion about whether to pick Mushrooms or fruit bats in stardew valley has been going on for a while and each time a new player reaches this stage, they might find it to be a little but tricky to make a good decision. Anyway, as a player, my advice on these two options, mushrooms or fruit bats, would be to go with the mushrooms. This is if you already have the items that can be offered by fruit bats. Tress can be grown and you can also make wild seeds using the seed maker equipment. You can harvest the mushrooms and stock them up to make the life elixirs and you can use others for cooking. The main reason why you can choose to go with fruit bats is when you want to generate fruits to use them as gifts to the people of stardew valley. They are technically free and are always liked by the people of stardew valley. So when it comes to choosing mushrooms or the fruit bats, I would prefer the mushrooms because they seem to be having more benefits than the fruit bats. You can also do your research and try to find out the advantages and the disadvantages of each then use them to make your choice. Remember, once you pick one of them, it is permanent and cannot be changed later. Make a wise decision and enjoy your game.

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