Best Stardew Valley Sturgeon Tips You Will Read This Year

If you are a new player, by now I guess you have come across this name, I mean the Stardew Valley sturgeon, right? Well, you must have also taken notice on some of the activities that take place on the farm such us mining, growing crops and fishing. These are just some of the activities that you can engage in to help you earn some cash or just to get you some of the resources that might prove to be valuable to you in the coming stages of the game.

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Fishing as one of this activities proves to be one of the best options that you can choose to help you acquire the valuable resources or items that you will need in your quest as many players often find it to be more profitable compared to other skills. From fishing alone, you can be able to make a lot of money through selling your catches, you can use them to complete your Stardew Valley bundles, and you can also find some artifacts that can be donated to the museum. As we all know, fish can also be used for cooking as they do provide some of the most delicious and mouthwatering dishes in the world today. One of the fish that can be found in stardew valley is the sturgeon, and this is where our focus is today.

Stardew Valley Sturgeon

The sturgeon is a fish, mostly found in the mountain lake during both the summer and the winter. It is an ancient bottom feeder that has a dwindling population, and it is also said the female sturgeons can live up to 150 years. For a fully grown sturgeon, it will usually have a size of about 61 inches while the younger ones have a size of 12 inches. The stardew sturgeons can be caught in the mountain lake during the winter, or the summer between 6 am and 7 pm in any weather condition. The Stardew sturgeon is usually used in the lake fish bundle. It can also be used to make food such as the Maki roll which is fish and rice wrapped in seaweed, and there is also the Sashimi which is raw fish that is sliced into thin pieces.

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Where really is the sturgeon?

Being a new player, sometimes you might get a bit frustrated when things don’t seem to go your way in the game. Well, when you advance further, you will realize that you will need to have caught some fish in order for you to complete the community center and one of the fish you need is the sturgeon in the stardew valley. If you go through most of the online discussion forums concerning this topic, you will most certainly find that a lot of players are usually frustrated or become stranded when they reach this point where a stardew sturgeon is required from them. This is because catching a sturgeon is quite difficult. However, this is partly true since the stardew sturgeon is known to be so stubborn and doesn’t give up that easy. It will usually give you a bit of trouble before you pull it out of the water. On the other hand, some of the players might find it difficult to find this fish simply because they don’t follow the guide given to them.

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As stated before, the sturgeon is found in the mountain lake during the summer and the winter. Some of the players will usually ignore this and start complaining about how hard it is to catch the sturgeon stardew valley when they are busy looking for it during the spring. Since it is written that the sturgeon can be caught in during any weather, they would often confuse this with any season, and this is just one of the things that make it hard for them to get the fish.

How to catch a sturgeon in Stardew Valley?

Anyway, it is true that catching the sturgeon is hard but not impossible. Many players have often stated that you can catch them from the lake just up around the entrance leading to the mine. If you are still having problems and you seem not to be catching anything in that lake, you can also try the other lake. From this, you will even realize some slight difference between the fish from the different lakes, for instance, the fish from the North East Lake has largemouth base with no pike while those caught in the South West Lake have no largemouth base with pike.

You can also try your luck by using the trap bobber; this is simply a tackle that helps the fishing players by causing the catching bar to decrease slowly by 66%. The bobber trap can be purchased for only 500g at Willy’s fish shop which is located just at the docks of the beach in the south of pelican town. This item can also be crafted. In other words, you can use the trap bobber to help you catch the stardew sturgeon by causing them to escape slower when you are not reeling them in. You just need to get it and add it to your pole and see the magic afterward.

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For those players who want to catch the sturgeons just for them to be able to complete stardew valley bundles, you can always check for them in the trading cart. The trading cart can usually be found in the forest on Fridays and Sundays. The trading or the traveling cart is a shop that usually appears south of the farm in Cindersap forest. You can be able to buy the sturgeons from this cart thus helping you to complete your bundle. You can also be lucky to catch them when you manage to get your fishing level higher. When you are at a higher fishing level, you can easily catch the sturgeon even with a normal cheap bamboo pole. Another trick that you can use to help you with your quest is the fishing buff meals. This can really come in handy and help you to catch the stubborn sturgeon.

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