Best Guide on Stardew Valley Miner or Geologist

The Stardew Valley is one of the best multiplayer RPG games. For the game maniacs who have played stardew valley, you will most definitely know what we are talking about when we discuss about being a stardew valley miner or geologist. As you progress through the stages of the game, you will come across different occupations or professions that will request you to pick at least one of them. In the stardew valley wiki guide, there are a few professions you can be able to choose from. Some of these professions include a tiller or farmer, a scout, a geologist, a gatherer, a geologist or a trapper when it comes to fishing. Well, at level 5 and level 10 in each occupation, you will be given an option that will allow you to choose between two professions.

Stardew Valley Miner or Geologist

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As you proceed, you will notice that a lot of these professions will make some aspect of each and every skill to be more profitable for you later in the game. Generally, these professions might not have that much impact on the game, but they will help you to specialize in them thus making some parts of the game a little bit easier for you and this brings us to our topic today on whether to become a stardew miner or geologist.

Becoming a Stardew Valley Miner or Geologist – Stardew Valley Wiki Guide

As we have seen, you will reach a stage where you will have to choose between two professions and develop some skills in it and make the game a bit easier for you in the later stages. All this is found under mining though. So what is the work of a miner or a geologist in this role-playing game? Well, mining is the skill that you will need to have when working mainly in the mines. This skill is usually associated with breaking of rocks. You will be required to use a Pickaxe to do this work. A pickaxe is simply a tool that is obtained when you start playing the game and is mainly used for breaking stones and picking up furniture or placed equipment. You can also use a pickaxe to un-till the soil that has been tilled with a hoe.

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When mining, you will have to use a much stronger pickaxe to break more valuable and larger rocks and nodes. You will also have to do more hitting. Another question you might ask is how you can access the mines. You will notice that, during the first four days of the game, the mines will have been closed. This is due to a landslide that is caused by the Joja Corporation. This will make you wait for another four days when you will receive a letter in the mail stating that the landslide has been cleared by Joja corporation and with this, you will now have access to the mines. Your mining skills will be increased only by breaking rocks. Each level usually will add
+1 to pickaxe proficiency. Only when rocks are destroyed is when you get your skill points added. This doesn’t depend on which method you use to break the rocks. You can break them using bombs, the pickaxe or even the monsters.

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Which is the better pick in Stardew Valley, Miner or a Geologist?

The question on whether to choose a miner or a geologist has often been asked when players reach this level where they are required to pick between the two professions. Here is what I have to say about Miner or Geologist. First, you need to know how to level mining. This is usually done by breaking the rocks using your pickaxe just as we have seen above. You will also be required to clear your farmland and spend time in the mines. For instance; you will need to spend about 30s for copper, 40s for both iron and coal and about 110s for gold. After you unlock it, you should then clear the quarry.

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When you have played this game before, you must have noticed how well done the mining profession is. But in my opinion as a player, I wish the miner and the geologist side were switched on the tree. You will find that consistency is the key thing on the miner side while on the geologist side; you will find a lot of value.

When you choose to go with the miner, you will get an additional ore per vein, and this might come as a great bonus for you when you come across an iridium ore. Another money maker is the blacksmith who will usually increase the value of metal bars by 50%.  This is often seen as a good choice for those players who would prefer to spend much time in the mines than to grow crops in the field. Anyway, being a prospector is also great considering the fact that coal is pretty rare, but it comes online a little bit late. Keep reading this Stardew Valley Wiki Guide, you will love it.

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On the other side of the mining profession tree, you will get the option of a geologist. When you choose to become a geologist, you will get a chance of getting some extra gems from nodes. Some players might see this as also a great choice since the gem nodes are fairly uncommon. However, the value of the gem can be diminished greatly by the crystalarium which has the ability to duplicate gems for you. There is also the excavator part which is also a good part. Here the Geode find is doubled, and this can allow you to complete the museum a bit fast. It also gives you the ore and the coal that you are definitely missing since you didn’t choose to become a miner or a prospector. For the gemologist, it has always been hard to get enough value from this profession due to the gems being rare to find, and there is also the use of crystalarium. With this, I don’t think you need the 30% bonus.

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Hope you like this role-playing RPG game guide on miner or geologist. If you have tried playing this game, you will realize that it’s a great game, the way it engages your mind and everything. However as a player, if you ask me about becoming a stardew valley geologist or miner, I will have to go with a geologist. Well, I would prefer this simply because of the excavator. In as much as finding more coal is useful, it can also be crafted and farmed from the dust sprites around level 40 to 80 in the mine.

You can also find a variety of nice things inside geodes this will help you to have more gifts that you can give to the residents of pelican town. Anyway, the choice still remains yours to make whether to become a miner or a geologist as you continue enjoying your game.

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