A Guide to Being Friends with Emily Stardew Valley

Basic information about Stardew Emily

Emily is a resident of 2 Willow Lane in Pelican town. Her home is next to Jody’s. She works part-time at the Stardrop Salon. Emily has a sister called Haley. Her friends include; Clint, Shane, Gus, and Sandy. Her birthday will be on 27th, spring. Here we will discuss Emily Stardew Valley, hope you will enjoy it.

Emily Stardew Valley

Emily’s schedule

Where is Emily is the question that puzzles many searching for Emily. If you have been finding it a challenge to look for Emily, it would be important to read through her schedule to know the exact places and time to look for her.

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  • 9.00 am – Emily wakes up
  • 12.00 Noon – Heads to the bookshelf
  • 4.30 pm – Heads to work at the salon


  • 12.00 Noon – Gets out of her bedroom
  • 1.00 pm – She meets Caroline, Jodi, Robin, and Marnie at Pierre


12.00 Noon – She will be standing in front of the bookshelf


12.00 Noon – She leaves the bedroom to stand in front of the bookshelf


  • 11.30 am – Inside her bedroom
  • 12.00 Noon – She leaves the bedroom to stand in front of the bookshelf
  • 12.30 pm – Stays waiting in the living room


  • 12.00 Noon – Leaves the bedroom
  • 12.40 pm – Searches the bookshelf in the living room
  • 9.00 pm – Inside her bedroom


12.00 Noon Goes out of her bedroom



1.20 pm – In the living room standing in front of bookcase


1.00 pm – At the room adjacent to Pierre Shop training together with other women


  • 10.20 am – In the bedroom standing
  • 3.10 pm – Inside the living room standing
  • 4.10 pm – Gets to the salon


  • 9.00 am – Inside her bedroom (only her friends are allowed)
  • 12.00 Noon – In the living room sitting


3.50 pm – At Town Square walking to the salon

4.10 pm – Getting to the salon


12.00 pm – She leaves the bedroom and heads to the bookshelf



  • 9.00 am – Inside her room
  • 10.20 am – Gets out of the house
  • 11.00 am – Heads to the Pierre’s General Store for aerobics class
  • 1.00 pm – Start the aerobics class
  • 4.00 pm – Leaves the aerobics class
  • 4.50 pm – Gets into the salon to work
  • 12.30 am – Goes home and directly to bed


4.10 pm – Gets to the startdrop salon


12.00 pm – Leave the bedroom and head to the bookshelf


12.00 pm – Leaves the bedroom and head to the bookshelf

4.00 pm – Gets out of the house and head to the salon


12.00 pm – Gets out of the house and head to the salon



  • 1.00 pm – Inside her living room searching at the bookshelf
  • 3.30 pm – Leaves her home
  • 4.00 pm – Gets to the startdrop salon


  • 11.10 am – Gets to Pierre’s General Store
  • 1.20 pm – Gets home


  • 12.00 Noon – Gets outside her bedroom
  • 4.30 pm – At the startdrop saloon working


12.00 Noon – Gets out of her bedroom


12.00 Noon – Gets out of her bedroom and searching at the bookshelf


  • 3.30 pm – Gets out of her house and heads to the stardrop salon to work
  • 12.00 am – Back at home and heads to the bedroom


12.00 pm – Walks around the house from the bedroom

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Stardew Valley Emily Gifts

Like other NPCs in stardew valley, you can gift Emily one gift for her birthday and 2 more gifts a week. Knowing what Emily loves and hates will increase your chance of becoming best of friends and also save your hard earned gold.

Emily Love Gifts

If you want to trigger a romantic relationship and later marry Emily, you’ll need to work hard for the following gifts she loves.

  1. Cloth – This gift can be dropped occasionally by the Mummies, loomed from wool for four hours or recycled from the soggy newspaper
  2. Amethyst – The character may obtain this gift mainly through mining amethyst nodes or dropped to him by Slimes
  3. Wool – This gift can be obtained directly by shearing rabbits/sheep or bought for 340g
  4. Emerald – Is a bright green mineral mainly obtained from mining Emerald Nodes. The character can also find it in the Garbage Can or receive it as a gift during the Winter Star Festival
  5. Aquamarine – This is a blue-green mineral mined from aquamarine nodes or gem nodes. The character can also find it in the Garbage Can upon reaching level 41
  6. Topaz –  The character can look for this gift in the fishing treasure chest or the Garbage Can. Topaz can also be mined from gem nodes or topaz nodes
  7. Survival Burger – Is a type of cooked food that can be prepared using eggplant, bread and cave carrot ingredients in the farmhouse upgraded kitchen
  8. Jade – This is a pale green mineral obtained from mining in the gem nodes or Jade nodes
  9. Ruby – This is a precious mineral admired for its shiny luster. It can be obtained mainly by mining Ruby Nodes or Gem Nodes. Occasionally, ruby can be found in the Garbage Can when playing level 81.
  10. All universal loves

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Like gifts

If you don’t have Emily love gifts discussed above, you can still give her the following gifts she likes;

  • Daffodil – This gift can be obtained for its lovely flower by foraging the farm during the spring season
  • Quartz – Is a clear crystal that can be found by foraging in the mines. The character can also try his chances by searching in the Garbage Can
  • All universal likes but not sashimi, Fried Eel, Maki Roll, Ice Cream, Fish Taco, Rice Pudding, Salmon Dinner, and Spicy Eel.

Neutral Gifts

You may want to save the following gifts for your future use since they will have no effect to your friendship with Emily. Emily’s neutral gifts include the flowing;

  • Winter root
  • Snow yam
  • Common mushroom
  • Wild Horseradish
  • Purple mushroom
  • Morel
  • Leek
  • Dandelion
  • Hazelnut
  • Chanterelle
  • All universal neutral apart from wool
  • All fruit but not if it is Salmon Berry or fruit tree fruit
  • All eggs but not void egg
  • All milk

Emily dislike gifts

Most of Emily’s dislikes are cooked foods. If you are looking to develop a friendship that will lead to marriage, don’t give her the following items.

  • Spicy eel
  • Rice pudding
  • Fried eel
  • Ice cream
  • Salmonberry
  • All universal dislikes

Emily hates gifts

At no, any given point should ever gift Emily npc any of the following gifts. Unless you want to break ties with her.

  • Sashimi
  • Fish taco
  • Maki roll
  • Holly
  • Salmon dinner


If it is her birthday and you gift what she loves she will respond by thanking you for remembering her on this special day and also for the gift. If you give her items she despises, she will tell you that she didn’t like the gift.

Emily Stardew Valley Hearts Events

After becoming friends with Emily, you’ll unlock Emily hearts events. Here, the decisions you make from the interaction you have with her through various hearts events may increase or decrease friendship with Emily. There are seven events;

Two Hearts

Here, the character enters Emily’s house and finds her asleep. While playing this event, the screen will fade and display Emily dreaming about you. She suddenly wakes up and the first thing she sees is you. She says there is something special about you and that you are destined for each other.

Three Hearts

Here, Emily will start sending gifts to you. She also sends a recipe with instructions about cooking a meal with high health and energy benefits.

Four Hearts

This event starts with the character going to town during the day. It is important to take note that the player will not be able to play this event during the winter. Emily takes a walk away from her house where she comes across an injured parrot that she promises to look after. You’ll be staying with the parrot once you marry Emily.

Six Hearts

This event starts with the character entering Emily’s house. She has been working very hard on a dance move for a while, now and she’s just about to show you. You’ll be asked to comment on what you think about Emily dance moves. Your friendship with Emily will depend on the following choices;

  • If you say the dance was amazing you’ll earn + 25 friendship points
  • However, if you think her dance moves as the worst you ever were seen, don’t mention it for you’ll end up losing + 50 points
  • Instead, clap slowly and don’t say a thing which will earn you + 25 points.

Seven Hearts

Like in the Three Hearts event, Emily sends another recipe about cooking a healthy meal to boost your energy.

Eight Hearts

In this event, the character will be invited to the Mayors Manor. Emily asks you to attend the “clothing therapy” event. She tells you the event is about expressing one’s self by way of dressing. Other villagers in attendance include; Mayor Lewis, Shane, Abigail, Clint, Robin and Shane who take turns behind the curtain trying different outfits. When it’s Clint’s turn she’ll approach closer showing love and affection towards you.

Ten Hearts

The character receives a letter from Emily asking him to meet her at the Secret Woods at 10 pm. Take note that this event will be triggered on the following night during a festival or rainy day. While camping in the Secret Woods, a bear comes to your campsite and grunts. Out of fear, you both run into hiding inside the tent.  The bear comes closer to the tent and starts sniffing and leaves. Emily’s sleeping bag is outside the tent. She is afraid to go pick it because of the bear. It is at this point the character will have a moment of Emily romance when they share a sleeping bag together.

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