13 Best Visual and Aesthetic Stardew Valley Mods

If you are a game maniac, then I believe you have come across Stardew Valley and also tried your luck on it. Stardew Valley is a role-playing mind engaging game that was created and designed in a way to bring you much fun and entertainment. It simulates real-world farming activities and practices that people usually do in their farm areas. Playing this game on its default mode is fun but you have the ability to make it even much interesting and enjoyable using the best Stardew Valley mods. We all know that cooking with spices adds flavor to your food right? Well, think of mods as spices and using them will spice up your gaming experience to another level.

Visual and Aesthetic Stardew Valley Mods


Basically, mods are just some package of files that can be installed in your PC and help you change or make adjustments on some aspects of the game to make it more interesting. These mods can allow you to change things like the appearance of the characters, background music among other things. Think of them as Stardew Valley graphics mods. You can also be able to add new features in your game through these mods. This is why I have decided to come up with a list of some of the best visual and aesthetic mods for you to use and add more flavor to your game.

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13 Best Visual and Aesthetic Stardew Valley mods

  • New and improved hairstyles mod

New and improved hairstyles mod

Even in real life situation, nobody ever stays with the same hairstyle all his life. Of cause, there are several reasons why people might want to change their hairstyle. You might want to change your hairstyle because there is some new style in town or you just don’t like your old hairstyle anymore. Well, the new and improved hairstyle mod allows you to change the hairstyles.xnb file hence having new hairstyles for your characters. You should also remember to be backing up the original files.

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Well, the reason for adding the new hairstyles to the game is just to make it more interesting, not that the hairstyles were not there before. Actually, this mod also modifies the pixel art of some old hairstyles that were available before. From the modder Chrysanthe, the old hairstyles were described as flat small in proportion to the head hence the motivation behind coming up with this new mod. You can get the mod here.

  • Anime portraits

Anime portraits

Could you be an anime fan? Who wouldn’t be anyway? Animes usually takes us to another world where everything is always cute and attractive. This is actually the main aim of this mod. Based on anime portraits, this mod will allow you to play with cute characters in the game. Well, it can’t be an easy task when you want to recreate each character’s portrait with an anime-styled version but the modder Toonyoza has made this possible thus coming up with this mod. Playing Stardew Valley is one thing and playing Stardew Valley using the anime portraits mod is another thing altogether.

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The portraits are perfectly made and they help even in changing the game tone. With this mod, you will always have new portraits of some characters. It is actually a great job by the modder considering the fact that the new portraits have to match and modify the default art style of the characters. Try this mod and am sure you will notice the changes. This will make you fall even more in love with the game. You can find and download the mode here

  • Ali’s flower grass

Ali’s flower grass

Who doesn’t like flowers? Flowers usually make our environment to look much beautiful and can change the ambiance of the surrounding to become even more attractive. Flowers have a lot of benefits and apart from making our environment look good, most of the time they are also used as a sign of appreciation to the ones we love. Flowers with beautiful colors are even more adorable. Imagine all kinds of roses in your garden, you see paradise right? This is simply what this mode gives you.

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With Ali’s flower grass mod, you will be able to have colorful flowers on all the tall grass that will be growing on your farm. As you will see, having the flowers will be a great way to add accents and more detail to your farm. The flowers can also be used in breaking down the brown dirt even better. If you like your flowers colors to be more vibrant, don’t worry, there is another alternative. In the download, you will get another alternate version that will provide you with more vibrant colors for your flowers. This depends on how much you would like your farm to pop. Playing with this mod will see you have your farm covered by beautiful wildflowers. You can download the mod here.

  • Classy new interior

Classy new interior

Just from the name, you can get the idea of what this mod is all about. If you are a design enthusiast then this mod here is for you. It gives you a classy touch on the interior of your farmhouse. This means, when you have this mode, you will be able to redesign your furniture, walls, and floors and make them look more fancy and beautiful than before. With this mod, you will also get an optional matching dresser with the “get dressed mod”. You can download the mod here.

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  • Yoda wizard

Yoda Wizard

This might even turn to be your favorite mod but until you try it, you wouldn’t know. This replaces the wizard character with Yoda and it is what you will find every time you pay a visit. Even though the portrait appears to be blurry a bit, the Yoda pixel sprite is dead on. Not only will the looks change to Yoda, a dialogue will also be added and as you might notice, the wizard will also start speaking in Yoda style dialogue. This happens the first time you meet the wizard. The mod is able to change the portrait and the dialogues but the name will just stay the same. Click here to download the mod.

  • Ali’s overgrown fairy building

Ali’s overgrown fairy building

Well, not everyone has a great taste for fairies but maybe with this mod, you might just develop some love for that. The overgrown fairy buildings are nicely made and shouldn’t miss in a list of best Stardew Valley mods. It is more of a Stardew Valley texture mod that helps to retexture your farm buildings giving them beautiful colors of pink and white. As if this is not enough, the mod also enables your farm buildings to be covered in flowers and vines. This can be a great way to customize your farm. You may also notice how beautiful the slime hutch has changed from being a small castle to a cute little cottage with a flower garden. If you are more into flowers, you might also pair this mod up with “Ali’s flower grass mod” and see how great your farm will turn out to be. Download this mod here.

  • Lightsaber swords

Lightsaber swords

From the name, one might be tempted to think that this mod will let you have some sort of glowing swords. Nope, that is not the case. I think the motivation behind the creation of this mod is because the Stardew Valley base swords are not so much good looking. When you install this mod, you will get different colors for the first six levels of swords. Little Kylo Ren-style crosspieces will be added near the handle of the swords for the next six levels again while still having the same colors as before. If you pair this with both the Yoda wizard and the BB-8 pet mods, you might just have yourself a full conversion. Follow this link to download this mod.

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  • Nightmare’s additional weaponry mod

Nightmare’s additional weaponry mod

If you are not impressed by the lightsaber swords, don’t worry, this mod will give you a lot of other amazingly crazy weapons that you can pick from. This is also one of Stardew Valley’s top mods has everything you might need. You can have a magical heart sword, nightmare sword, you can even get just a simple guitar from this mod too. Perhaps the best thing about this mod is that each of these weapons is just a visual retexture of the already existing weapons in the game. The old weapons are not completely replaced and they still do exist alongside the new ones. You can be able to change to any weapon you want without messing around with the mod again. The nightmare’s additional weaponry mod can be downloaded here.

  • Kitty scarecrow replacements

Kitty scarecrow replacements

This one might not come as everyone’s favorite but for sure it is one of the best Stardew Valley mods. This mod simply replaces your scarecrows just as the name suggests. With this mod, you won’t have to worry about the birds disturbing your farm again. The mod replaces all the scarecrows in the game with different breeds of cat. The cats will provide you with the security you need in your farm by scaring away the birds. Even though there is no much difference other than the visual change, this mod is pretty much awesome. Why don’t you try installing it and leave your farm under the watchful eyes of the cats? Get it here.

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  • Clean Shane’s room

Clean Shane’s room

This one is a bit funny and most guys can relate to it. Do you know of someone who is just messy and will often leave everything in a disorganized manner? Well, we all have that friend and in Stardew Valley, that will be Shane. Shane does not take care of his space at all and if this bothers you too then you might want to try out this mod. The modder created this mod to help clean Shane’s room by modifying it with most of the original elements. However, using the mod will see you get rid of the spilled beers, the gross footprints leading to the fridge and the huge keg. Maybe the modder likes some beer while playing too as you will realize a few beer cans are left next to Shane’s gaming station. Use this mod and at least help Shane to clean his messy room. You can download it here.

  • Stardew Valley more music mod

Stardew Valley more music mod

Have you ever played a game with no background music? Even if they exist am sure they must be boring. Stardew Valley is one of the games with some nice background music but sometimes you might experience some dead spots in the soundtrack. If you continue experiencing this, the game might just start to become distracting and boring and this is why the more music mod was created. This mod will allow you to add more music to the game and it will replace some of the sound effects hence you will be having a soundtrack with new music playing. This also can come in as one of Stardew Valley’s best mod Many people like this mode since it keeps them playing with the audio on thus minimizing the chances of missing any audio clues when playing without the sound. Download it here.

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  • Save editor

Save editor

Now even with Stardew Valley inventory editor, this mod is just cool in its own way. Basically, this mod allows you to do a few things like, modification of save files which includes, adding and changing items in your inventory, changing the appearances of your character. It also allows you to change unknown recipes of cooking and making, you can also use it to unlock features like the skull key and Stardew hero among other things. Download it here.

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  • Gift taste helper

Gift taste helper

This can also come in as one of Stardew Valley relationship mods. It basically helps you to utilize your time well by reducing the amount of time you will need to build character relationships. This mod will simply add a hover menu to the calendar used by the town people so that it will reveal the gift preferences of each person whose birthday is listed on the calendar. This I believe will help you to quickly earn some social points in building your relationship with the people around. You can find the gift taste helper mod here.

Just like I said before, food made with spices usually has a nice taste so why don’t you also use these best Stardew Valley mods to spice up your game adding a little more flavor to it.

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