Stardew Valley Best Crops – Stardew Valley Guide and Tips

There are various types of crops available in the Stardew Valley, but to choose the best crops for each changing season is quite cumbersome task ahead. The best crops will yield higher returns in investment and will further diversify the plantation of the farm. Each crop cycle only lasts for 28 days, so a proper channel of information is required for cultivated area. Moreover, you want to keep in mind about the season crop growth time, ever changing selling prices of crops and profit per day you will earn each day. The Stardew Valley best crops for each and every season are as follows. This article for those who are searching for “best crops stardew valley,” “stardew valley crops,” etc.

Stardew Valley Best Crops

Stardew Valley Best Spring Crop

Firstly, the Stardew Valley best spring crops include strawberry, rhubarb, potato, cauliflower, kale, garlic, green bean, jazz flower, tulip, and parsnip. These each individual crop requires a certain perimeter to flourish and can yield an ample amount of profit per day. They are the silver lining of the farm. Their quality and freshness can become a gold coins pot for you.

The Stardew Valley strawberry crop is the most profitable in the spring season. Though it is only farmed in the Spring Egg Festival, it only takes four days to produce after enough plantations. The seeds cost only $100 and the seed full season growth time is a mere eight days. The strawberry crop can be sold up to a price of $720 if, planted at the very beginning of the spring season. Thus, we will be getting an average profit per day of $11.6 or higher profit gains depending upon a number of fertilizers and other growing conditions and maintenance.

The rhubarb plant spring crop is the second best crop during Stardew Valley spring season. Its seeds cost $100 per bag and can be planted on a 3×3 grid. Once a player has completed the vault bundles quest in the Community Center its seeds are unlocked for plantation. The rhubarb crop takes only 13 days to nourish and can be sold at the market for $220 earning a profit of $120. The profit per day will be $9.2 making a valuable investment.

The Stardew Valley potato crop cost only $50 to plant. There is a 25 percent chance of getting a second potato which increases the overall profit value by 25%. The potato season growth time is six days and can be sold in the market at a price of $100. The profit per day is $8.3, which is a huge sum of cash return.

The cauliflower and green beans are a terrific investment in the farm. A giant cauliflower crop can be placed on 3×3 grids to increase its quality and size. Whereas green beans crop season growth time is 10 days and for cauliflower, it is 12 day. The cauliflower crop can be sold at $175 and green beans at a selling price of $40. The profit per day of each crop is $7.9 for cauliflower and $6.4 for green beans crop.

Stardew Valley spring crops like kale, garlic, tulip, jazz flowers and parsnip can also be planted to earn extra chips of cash. These crops seeds cost varies from 20$ to $70 and their season growth time is between four to seven days. These crops make a profit per day $1.67 to $6.6 depending upon the plantation of the crop. Their selling price is ranging $30 to $110 during each Stardew Valley spring season.

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Best Summer Crop

Secondly, the Stardew Valley best summer crop includes blueberry, star fruit, red cabbage, melons, hops, hot pepper, radish, tomatoes, corn, and wheat. There is a wide variety of crops. In all of these valuable season crops, the Stardew Valley blueberry crop is the most profitable crop to buy-in. The Stardew Valley blueberry crop seeds cost $80, and they can yield a staggering $35 per day if, planted at the start of the Stardew Valley summer season. The crop itself matures in only four days which can be sold at a price of $240 to earn an elephantine profit of $160 during the summer season spam. The profit per day is $12.3 which makes it an excellent choice.

Furthermore, the Stardew Valley star fruit crop is the second in Best Crops during the summer season and warm atmosphere. This Stardew Valley season crop can be unlocked by completing the vault quest and can be purchased from the desert. Its seed costs $400 per bag and the maturation or growth time is 13 days. The selling price is $800 which lands to a $400 profit in the bank. A $30.1 profit per day can be earned by the player if managed and cared properly.

The red cabbage summer season crop comes at number third regarding investment returns. The seed bag costs $100 and profit per day of $17.8 can be acquired. The red cabbage season crop growth time is just nine days, and the selling price is $260 earning a profit of $160 by the end of the season.

Stardew Valley melon summer crop also a magnetic option to choose. This humongous crop can be placed on a 3×3 grid, thus yielding a double value or more. The seeds cost only $80 and the season growth time is 12 days. This Stardew Valley best crop can be sold at the market price of $250. The player can be earning a profit up to a $170 every summer. Moreover, the profit per day is $14, which is an immense return.

Hops and hot peppers of Stardew Valley summer crop cost only $60 and $40 to plant. The Stardew Valley hops crop average growth time is 11 days and can be sold at a price of $25. However, the profit per day for this crop is $13. On the other hand, the hot pepper summer crop can be trimmed every three days after enough, nourishment. Hot peppers season crop growth time is five days and you can harvest them eight times during a season. The selling price is $40 and returning a $10 profit per day during the harvesting season.

Furthermore, Stardew Valley tomato summer crop growth time is 11 days. Costing only $50 to grow seed and can be harvested after each four days once proper nourishment is given. The selling price of the tomato summer crop is $60 and profit per day of $9.3 can be earned in the pocket.

The Stardew Valley corn summer crop must be laid out in the start of the summer so that it can be cultivated at the end of the season. Corn seeds cost $160 to buy and profit per day $7.4 can be received. Corn crop growth time is 14 days and can be harvested four times during the summer season.

In the end, during the Stardew Valley summer season crops such as radish, poppy, and wheat can be seeded on a price of $100 to $10. Their growth time is varying from four to seven days and can be sold at a price of $140 to $10 at the market. You can earn profit per day of $3.8 to $8.3 by farming these jewels.

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Best Fall Crop

Lastly, Stardew Valley best fall crops are cranberries, pumpkin, artichoke, grapes, beets, yam, eggplant, Bok Choy, sunflower, and fairy rose. The Stardew Valley cranberries are the most profitable crop during the fall season. Cranberries seeds are purchased at a price of 240 dollars. Their average season growth time is seven days. Which makes them be harvested a total of five times during the Stardew Valley fall season. The profit per day is $39 when sold at a price of $130 at the market rates.

Stardew Valley pumpkin fall crop can be planted on a 4×12 size grid to make its production double. Pumpkin costs $100 and the growth time is 13 days. They can be sold at the price of 320 dollars with procuring a profit per day of $16.9. They are beautiful and return a lot of value.

Artichokes are available when a player reaches 2nd fall during his/her game play. Seeding cost is around $30 and the season growth rate is eight days. The profit per day is $16.2 and the selling price is $160. Moreover, grapes fruit crop can also be planted with a cost price of $60 and a season growth time of 10 days. The selling price is $80 with harvesting six times during the fall season. The profit per day is $15 when done reaping.

Players can also farm sunflower and beets during the Stardew Valley fall season. Sunflower crop costs 200 dollar and beets seeds can be purchased for an amount of $20. Beets crop growth time is six days and sunflower crop growth time is eight days. The beet crop selling price is $100 and sunflower is $100 at the market. Moreover, the beet crops earn a profit per day $13.3 and sunflower crop earns $15. Both are a good option to take.

Note: There is also Stardew Valley rare seed which is one types of seed, mature plant yields a Sweet Gem Berry.

In conclusion, all the different choices of Stardew Valley season crop can affect earning each season. The Stardew Valley most profitable crops should be first to be grabbed. However, a systematic way should be adopted so they can be fruitful.

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