Best Guide on the Stardew Valley Slime Hutch

So what is the Stardew Valley slime hutch? What comes to your mind when you hear the words slime hutch in Stardew Valley? Well, if you are still wondering what it could be, let me just help you out. A slime hutch in Stardew Valley is basically one of the farm buildings that you can be able to purchase from one of the villagers known as Robin. Robin leaves with her family at 24 mountain road which is located on the mountain. She is the town’s carpenter and also runs her own shop just at her house. This is where you will be able to buy the Stardew slime hutch as the shop also keeps up to 20 slimes.

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Best Guide on the Stardew Valley Slime Hutch

After you had already bought the slime hutch from Robin, another villager, Marlon will come to visit you and give you a slime egg so that you may start to breed slimes. You will then be required to fill the four water troughs that you will find in the slime hutch. This is to allow the slime to start producing the slimeballs. You will then notice that the slimes in the hutch will start to make attempts of hurting you by trying to jump at you. In order to avoid this, you will need to get a slime charmer ring. This can also be purchased from Marlon for only 25000g. You can use it to prevent slime debuffs and other damages that can be caused by slimes. A witch might also turn all the slimes in the hutch into black or transparent slimes during some random occasion.

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Sometimes the Stardew slimes might be able to drop some eggs which can then be hutched to produce other slimes. So, is the Stardew slime hutch really worth it? Yes, currently, there are only 4 kinds of slime eggs and when they hutch, they will still have their respective slime colors. The colors are usually in order of level starting with green, blue, red and purple. These eggs can be sold hence bringing you some profits. The slimes can also mate and produce a young offspring or baby slime. The male slimes are the ones with the round antenna. During the mating period, if both the slimes show a heart symbol on top of them, they will mate and produce baby slime. Sometimes slime might show a heart and another one an exclamation mark; this means that the one with the exclamation mark is not ready to mate with the one having a heart symbol.

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You might also take note that, you can be able to prevent the witch from cursing the slime hutch in Stardew Valley by placing the wicked statue inside the hutch. You might also realize that the iron lamp post or the wood lamp post might blink in a spooky manner when they are placed within two tiles of a Stardew slime hutch. Don’t worry though. It is still not yet determined what causes it. You can also create a safe farm for the slime hutch. This can be done by arranging statues or some other pathway blockers to isolate the slimes. While doing this, you can still be able to collect the slimeballs. This doesn’t bring any effect since the trapped slimes will still be able to reproduce. You can use the steel or copper upgraded water cans to fill the troughs without even entering the area which has been isolated.

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What is the point of the Stardew Valley slime hutch?

Well, in Stardew Valley, many players would often ask, what’s the point of slime hutch? Well, the slimes usually might take a lot of time for them to start paying off and you can make some profits from them by selling the eggs. I can say that Stardew Valley slime hutch is worth it because of the small benefits you can get from it. Anything that brings you profit can usually be worth to look at right? During the earlier stages, it is advisable that you do sell all the slime eggs. You can sell out the green and the blue eggs but you might consider leaving the purple and red ones for future profits. The purple slime eggs can give you iridium, coal, and diamonds while the red slime eggs can give you gold ore, diamonds and a bit of coal. With all this being said, can you now see the Stardew Valley point of having a slime hutch?

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